Everything You Ever Wanted – A Book Review & Giveaway

When I received an advanced review copy of Everything You Ever Wanted by Jillian Lauren, I had no idea what to expect from it. I knew it was a memoir about adopting a special needs child, but that generic description hardly does the book justice.

I had a hard time identifying with the author, Jillian, at first. I haven’t read her first memoir, Some Girls: My Life in a Harem, and her experiences were just so totally foreign to me…until she got to the part about wanting to be a mom.

If you’ve ever struggled with infertility, let me warn you, you’re going to get a bit teary. I know I did, remembering the disappointment of my “failure” to get pregnant month after month for over a year. My own infertility story had a different kind of happy ending, as I got pregnant with TJ after my hysterosalpingogram (HSG) at the beginning of our infertility testing. (How unfair, by the way, that the husband gets tested by going into a room with leather seats, dirty magazines, and dirty videos while the wife has to lie on a metal table and let a stranger inflate a balloon all up into her lady bits.) Jillian’s infertility story was painful at a biological level for her and her husband, but it was the beginning of a whole other story, a story of adoption.

Jillian’s story, once she and her husband Scott (from the band Weezer) adopt Tariku from Ethiopia, is relatable on many different levels, even if not in the biographical details. Her emotional struggle seemed a lot like postpartum depression was for me. The barrage of unsolicited advice from well-meaning but clueless people is something any mother can sympathize with. The mixed bag of conflicting emotions that come along with parenting a child with special needs…well, I can identify with that as well.

I read a number of passages aloud to my husband while sitting in bed reading each night for the last week. Of course, I can’t locate any of them now, while I’m typing up my review. But I keep coming back to this one, which I think is worth sharing:

I am no Gwyneth Paltrow after all… I just want to be home. I don’t want any more public meltdowns… I want to slide quietly into invisibility.

Who hasn’t felt like this at least once? (Admittedly, I would never want to be like St. Gwyneth in the first place, but the rest of it applies.)

Who Should Read Everything You Ever Wanted?

I would recommend this book to prospective adoptive parents, adoptive parents already working through an attachment disorder with one or more of their children, parents whose children have sensory processing disorder (SPD) or other pervasive development disorders, and any other parents who could use both perspective and commiseration concerning their own parenting challenges. I would caution against reading this book if you are currently struggling with infertility and have not yet come to terms with how the future of your family is going to look, as it did trigger my own memories of that time in my life, but I’ve gotten through the other side already. It might be too painful if your feelings are still quite raw on the subject.

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  1. McCoyer518 says

    Love to read

  2. I keep hearing that this book is a must-read. So I totally want to read it. 🙂

    Also, I tend to devour anything and everything about all aspects and kinds of parenting, so that’s another reason.

  3. Angel McMore says

    My family loves to read, we will read anything we can get our hands on. We prefer paper over Ebooks…You will always find a book lying around the house. What is so funny is we will pick each others books up and begin reading where they left off, it may be a week before we get our original book back in our hands.

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