Second Ever Twitter #NonParty

It’s the Twitter hashtag party with practically no planning! @AaronBSam suggested holding it about 20 minutes ago, and I said, why not? So if you join us, sign the MckLinky below to “RSVP.” There will be at least one prize drawing by the end of the party at 10:00pm ET… More than one if anyone […]

The Twitter #NonParty

We’re having a completely impromptu hashtag party on Twitter. It will run until 10:30 pm ET. You don’t have to RSVP since I just decided to throw it… But since when did it ever hurt to throw your blog link up somewhere else? Yeah, that’s what I thought.   And heck, why not? If you RSVP here, […]

Rainy Days and Sitewarming Parties

It’s a rainy, nasty day out there. Again. Another day when we can’t bring TJ to the pool. Another day where driving just sucks. (I made a run for the post office earlier to mail some paperwork to the Department of Labor and to ship out an overdue giveaway prize. I got wet.) But one […]

I’ll Be Your Brand Rep at Upcoming Conferences

Your company wants to reach out to women, possibly even mommy bloggers in particular. I can be your brand representative – your brand advocate – at one of two (or both) upcoming conferences… Type-A Mom Conference and BlogHer ’10. Sponsor Me at Type-A Mom Conference Type-A Mom Con is being held in Asheville, North Carolina […]

BlogHer 10 will be in NYC – And I’m Going

BlogHer ’10 is going to be in New York City. Guess who just bought her ticket. That’s right, me! So yes, I’m quite content to be home with my family this year, but next year’s conference is practically in my backyard… so maybe we can make it a family event next year! I’m most excited […]

Blog Hop & Blog Nerd – This is Me

Howdy, ladies. My name is Christina, and I’m not at BlogHer. (Just like you!) I’m 30 years old. I’ve been happily married for nearly nine years now. My adorable son TJ turns four at the end of August. I run my own copywriting business, Phenomenal Content LLC. I write thousands of words each day, but […]

Top 10 Reasons I am Excited to Stay Home with My Family this Coming Weekend

I’m not going to BlogHer this weekend. Why? Because at registration time, I had recently lost my job and didn’t know how I could ever afford to pay all of our bills, let alone fly to Chicago for a blogging conference. Now that I’m wildly successful with my writing business, Phenomenal Content LLC, I found […]

You Know ResourcefulMom, Right?

I would like to take a moment to wish a happy one year bloggiversary to Amy Lupold Bair, known on Twitter as @ResourcefulMom from her Web site, Resourceful Mommy and her wildly popular SiteWarming Parties. She kind of puts many of us to shame. I mean, I’ve had my blog for far longer than one year, […]

Top 10 Posts on Type A Mom

I was checking over my stats on Type-A Mom, where I am the 30-Something Moms Editor, and I was surprised to learn which of my posts were the most popular. Some that I thought were going to really take off… didn’t. Some that I thought were silly little throwaways went over really well! So here […]

5 More Moms for #followfriday

Here are the 5 moms I’m featuring on this week’s #followfriday: @TheAngelForever – Her blog is The Angel Forever. I talk to her all the time on Twitter, and she’s a regular participant in Dear Kid Saturday. What’s not to like? 🙂 @MommyNews – Her blog is Mommy News Blog. She is a breastfeeding advocate […]