Karaoke Songs for the Mezzo-Soprano Female

As shy as I am, I do love karaoke. I’ve even posted a few of my homemade karaoke videos. I’m trying to make myself a list of songs to try out when I go to the karaoke bar, so I figured, why not make a post of it?

I used to sing first soprano when I was in my high school show choir, but since that was more than 15 years ago, I know I’d be relegated to second soprano now. I guess it’s what they refer to as mezzo-soprano. I found myself a list of mezzo-soprano vocalists that includes Sheryl Crow, Amy Lee, Alanis Morissette, and Sarah McLachlan – all of whom I’ve sung songs by in the past. So here’s my list of potential karaoke songs for women like me.


Sheryl Crow Karaoke Songs

Evanescence Karaoke Songs

Alanis Morissette Karaoke Songs

Sarah McLachlan Karaoke Songs

Jewel Karaoke Songs

Adele Karaoke Songs

The Bangles Karaoke Songs

Sara Bareilles Karaoke Songs

Lisa Loeb Karaoke Songs

 Faith Hill Karaoke Songs

Anna Nalick Karaoke Songs

No Doubt Karaoke Songs

Melissa Etheridge Karaoke Songs

Halestorm Karaoke Songs

Maroon 5 Karaoke Songs

Extreme Karaoke Songs

Any Other Suggestions?

Let me know if you have any other great karaoke songs for women. I’d love to add to the collection!

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  1. Stars by Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

  2. Anything by Christina Perri is pretty good for mezzo soprano

  3. Courtney says

    Hands by Jewel, if you want to sing songs by men there is basically any song by imagine dragons or Coldplay, and I’m yours by Jason Mraz. Also a few songs from OneRepublic as well like Apologize or I lived

  4. Lady Gaga you and I
    Norah Jones Don’t know why

  5. Thank you so much for doing this, Christina!

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