15 Attractive Women’s Halloween Costumes That Don’t Show All Your Goodies

As I approach my 35th birthday, I become more and more dismayed at the selection of women’s Halloween costumes that are available. I want to look good, even sexy…but I don’t want a skirt that only just barely covers my butt, and I don’t want anything strapless showing off too much of my chest because, well, it’s always pretty cold at the end of October in upstate New York. That, and I don’t own a strapless bra anymore.

So I went and hunted down these Halloween costumes for women who don’t want to show a ton of skin – but also don’t want to be relegated to shapeless costume sacks either. My definition of modesty for these costumes includes skirts that are cut below the knee. (Psst…These are my affiliate links. Click on the pictures if you want to buy one. Consider the commission a gratuity for my time.)

Update: My husband sent me a link to the “bee scale” for women’s Halloween costumes. I would rate everything on my list as a 4 on the bee scale.

Secret Wishes Dark Rose Gown

I think this gown could be used as part of several different costumes: queen or princess, sorceress, or vampiress.

Huntress Costume

It’s not exactly like what Katniss wears in any of the Hunger Games titles, but it still looks pretty cool. According to the description, you need to Bring Your Own Leggings (and a bow), but anything that looks good while still allowing you to wear leggings works in my book!

Medusa Serpent Monster Costume

If Greek mythology is more your style, you can be a deadly beauty with this snake wig and interesting dress. It says the snake staff is not included.

Queen of Hearts Costume

This Queen of Hearts outfit is a little pricier than some of the other costumes, but I think it’s gorgeous! All of the costume pieces pictured are included. Try not to use the “off with their heads!” command too many times!

Marilyn Monroe Dress

Only the dress is included here, so you’d need your own wig and shoes. Unless you’ve already got the hair, in which case you only need the shoes. The dress is decent enough until you find yourself standing on a vent.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Costume

My fellow geek girls may appreciate this officially licensed Stormtrooper outfit. You can be decently covered from head to toe while still showing off all your curves. You need to provide your own shoes and blaster. You may want to take some target practice, too.

Zombie Housewife Costume

I don’t get the whole fascination with zombies, but depending on what you do with your makeup, this is the least awful zombie get-up I’ve ever seen. I love the dress and feel it’s a pity it’s all cut up and bloody. If you want to get all meta with blogging, you could take the Bloggess Cosplay to another level and go as a Zombie Bloggess with curlers in your hair. Maybe you could even convince one of your kids to go as Beyonce the Metal Chicken.

Pink Genie Costume

So it’s been a long time since I Dream of Jeannie was on the air, but this cute genie costume has off-the-shoulder sleeves and a detachable midriff piece. You can choose to bare your belly or keep it covered up. Maybe wear the midriff piece to the party and take it off when you get back home? 😉

Cruella Devil Costume

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will. This costume comes with everything pictured except for the shoes. It would work best if you have a young child to dress as a dalmatian, or an actual dog.

Black Ninja Dragon Costume

Ever wanted to be a ninja? Tom says I move as quietly as one. I really like the look of this top and pants, although you need to supply your own fake knives.

Cowgirl Costume Pieces

Yeehaw! Round up the herd in this cute cowgirl costume. You have to use your own shirt, jeans, and boots, so you decide the sleeves and neckline. I like this better than the cowgirl outfit I put together for TJ’s first Halloween. (He made an adorable little cow.)

Elizabeth Swan Pirates of the Caribbean Costume

There are many women’s pirate costumes out there, but many have ridiculously short skirts, and many others are cheaply made. This one looks well made, and it comes with pants! Ahoy!

Race Car Driver Costume

This one comes with the jacket, pants, and belt. I’d put a camisole underneath to cover my stomach, too.

Gothic Angel Costume

Funny that the dark angel ended up being more modest than many of the “innocent” angel costumes I sifted through. These wings look pretty amazing, to frame your rockin’ body.

Full Length Witch Costume

I’ll get you, my pretty. Or rather, you can be a pretty witch. The hat is pretty fantastic, too. This may be my favorite witch costume that doesn’t cost $100 or more.

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