Zarbee’s Cough Syrup Review

I got in touch with Zarbee’s cough syrup back in February when they were offering free samples for bloggers to review. At the time, TJ was in the midst of quite a coughing spree, and he couldn’t seem to shake it. Of course, by the time we received the samples, he’d gotten over it.

About Zarbee’s Cough Syrup

cherrybottleI liked the idea of Zabee’s cough syrup because it’s not actually medicine. It’s an all-natural syrup that treats both coughs and sore throats. You want the ingredient list?

Ingredients: Honey proprietary blend (buckwheat, wildflower), water, natural flavors, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid, zinc gluconate.

Zarbee’s cough syrup is made from honey, so it’s no appropriate for children under the age of 12 months old, but it’s safe for older children. With all of the children’s cold and cough medicine that’s been recalled over the past year or so, safety is a real issue when our kids get sick.

The TJ Test

So the next time TJ got a nasty cough, I tried to give him some Zarbee’s. He absolutely refused to take it because he didn’t like the smell. I tried to sneak it into his apple juice. “I want different apple juice,” he insisted. “This smells yucky!”

Zarbee’s did not pass the TJ taste test. It didn’t even pass the smell test. Or the sneak test. I contacted Danny at Zarbee’s to ask him what he wanted me to do, and he told me to try it myself. He obviously wanted a good review of his product, and I still had a giveaway to do, although I’ve since removed that because the giveaway ended years go! He told me to give it a try.

The Mom Test

So lo and behold, I’ve been sick as a dog this week. It’s not the flu. I had that two weeks ago. This is a cold, and a rather obnoxious one. I’ve had very little luck with anything to treat my head congestion, but when it started to move into my chest, I saw an opportunity.

I have a picky palette like my son has. I didn’t like the taste or the smell… but don’t let that turn you off.  TJ and I don’t like the taste of honey to begin with. I also don’t like tuna fish, tomatoes, coffee, or alcoholic beverages that taste like alcohol. (Fruity girly drinks for me!) I made a nasty face when I swallowed the Zarbee’s cough syrup… and it soothed my throat. It lessened my coughing fits. I’m grown up enough to do what I have to do to treat my cold symptoms. If you and your kids love honey, this will be amazing for you. Despite the fact that I didn’t care for the taste, this stuff really worked for me, and it’s not medication.

In my opinion, no cough medicine actually tastes good, and your kids may think that Zarbee’s cough syrup tastes better than medicine anyways. If you want to try a safe alternative to medicine that will actually help your child’s cough and sore throat, this is worth a try.

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  1. we tried their cherry

  2. Can I comment that I like the idea that it’s honey the best? Really no medicine? Really all natural? Hook me up!

  3. We just found out about using raw local honey to help build immunity to allergies. I have been using honey to soothe coughs for a couple of years, but its been the store brand. I love the idea of a natural cough syrup to help with not only the little ones, but the grown-ups as well!

  4. Oh I love the idea that it’s all natural! I looked into some other “natural” cough syrup, but it had so much stuff in it! I love that this is only 6 ingredients, and that I know what all of those are! I’d love to try it out.

  5. and I’m a twitter-follower…does that make me a twollower?? 😉

  6. Would love to try it. 🙂


  7. What I like best is that it is natural and without all of the extras that could bother my boys.

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  12. i like that it’s all natural and not really “medicine”!!! that has me sold!!!

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