Your 9 month doctor’s appointment

You enjoyed looking at the fish in the waiting room, but we got called in after only a minute or two. You didn’t appreciate me undressing you in the exam room. You’re not very thrilled at all lately when it comes time for diaper changes anymore. You has places to go and things to do, so why stay still? Luckily, you did sit still on the scale long enough to determine you’re 18 pounds. Only 18 pounds! With the amount of food you eat, I thought you’d weigh more than that. You’re in the 9th percentile for weight. You have grown an inch to 28 inches, which puts you in the 32nd percentile for height. I didn’t catch your head or chest circumference; you didn’t like having the tape measure around you at all.

Dr. Compa didn’t come in for quite some time after the nurse left. And it was hot in there. You were only in your diaper, and your was sweating. Grandma Kitty and I were sweltering as well. You wanted to get passed back and forth a lot. I held your hands so you could walk across the tile floor a few times. The cold tiles must’ve felt good on your feet. I wouldn’t let you crawl, though. You kept trying to drop down, but the floor wasn’t really that clean.

When Dr. Compa finally came in, you studied her. You were fine with her until she came over to examine you. You wouldn’t sit on the table, so she suggested you sit on my lap. You wouldn’t sit on my lap either, but you would stand on it. But as soon as she tried to listen to your chest with her stethoscope, you were clamoring to get away from her by climbing me. She saw your temper today! You didn’t like her checking your ears or your mouth either, but you were fine following the light as she checked your eyes. The worst was when she needed you to lie down so she could check your belly, your hips, and under your diaper. I had to hold you down. It was awful. Not quite as awful as holding you while he gets shots, but it came close.

She was happy to hear that you were eating cereal, fruits, vegetables, meats, and a little table food. Her only nutritional suggestion was to start whole milk at one year. I told her you do have six teeth now… and then I felt your gums and realized the seventh one had broken through on the bottom! You seem to have given up your middle of the night waking for good now (knock on wood) and sleep from 9:00/10:00 at night until 7:00/8:00 in the morning. As for the other things she asked about… You are crawling and pulling yourself up. You cruise around holding onto things and can stand on your own for a short period of time. You do say “mama” and “dada,” but more just babbling than with meaning behind it yet.

No shots this time. (Phew!) You were supposed to get a fingerstick to check your hemoglobin, but their machine wasn’t working, so we have to go back next Tuesday. I’ll have to assume it’s the analysis machine that isn’t working. I’m not thrilled with the idea of having to go back for the sole purpose of sticking your finger with a needle to draw blood. But what can I do?

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