When to Stare at Your Child

TJ and I have an after-school routine when he gets off the bus, and it was slightly thrown off today because Tom is home sick from work. I didn’t get my hug and kiss when TJ came through the door.

So instead of pointing out that he hadn’t done so and asking for him to come over and give me a hug and a kiss, I decided to get up from my desk, go over to where TJ was sitting on the couch, and just stare at him.

 At first, I just got a sidelong glance as he continued to watch Curious George on PBS Kids. As I continued to stare at him, TJ furrowed his brow and shot me a few puzzled looks, but he still didn’t say anything. I got a few uneasy smiles and funny looks over the next 60 seconds or so before he finally looked at me and said, “Is this supposed to be a staring contest or something?”

Is this a staring contest?

So I laughed and told him, no, I just hadn’t gotten my hug and kiss when he got home. He laughed, too, before he hugged and kissed me.

I love having a 6 year old.

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