Guilty Mommy Pleasures – Plants Vs Zombies

Compete for cash prizes in Plants vs. Zombies!
Admit it. You have a stupid computer game that you’re completely addicted to. For me, for now, it’s Plants Vs Zombies from PopCap Games. You can play it for free, but there are certain plant, levels, and modes of play you can’t unlock without purchasing the full version. So I got the full version.

And I’m completely addicted. I love it. I’ve beat Adventure mode three times already, and I just keep playing.

The game sounds so stupid, too. I scoffed when Tom tried to explain it to me when he’d downloaded it for his iPhone. Then I played it. And I’m hooked.

The entire premise is that your house is about to be attacked by zombies, but you can defend your home with a variety of plants. Yes… plants.

Plants Vs Zombies screenshot

That’s a screenshot of me playing Plants Vs Zombies on Because it may be fun to play the game, but it’s even more fun to play it against other people… and win money. I’m not the best player on the site, but I win more games than I lose. And it’s super fun to see my account balance going up because I’m playing Plants Vs Zombies.

I like playing so much that I wrote an article for Suite101 about Plants Vs Zombies Strategy on WorldWinner. (Yeah. I’m willing to tell you how I do so well on it. Because seriously? I bet I can still beat you with finesse. Oh yeah, that’s a challenge. 😉 )

Play Plants vs. Zombies for FREE or for CASH Prizes in Online Tournaments. Over $250,000 Won Daily on!

And THAT up there is my affiliate link. The one you’re going to use to sign up for WorldWinner so you can take my challenge and try to prove me wrong. It’s a throwdown! My WorldWinner ID is twilightsun, so you can leave your WorldWinner ID as a comment here if you want to connect there, or you can just challenge me from within the site.

If you’re not the WorldWinner online gaming type, you can use the banner below to download the game from PopCap Games. I highly recommend it. (Yes, any link to play Plants Vs. Zombies on this page is an affiliate link. I’ve spent a fair amount of money playing it, so I think they owe me a little bit back in return!)

Plants vs Zombies

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