Passover Baked Goods from Oh Nuts a Hit in This House

I’m going to start by saying that my family is not Jewish, so we don’t celebrate Passover, but when Oh Nuts asked me to try their Passover Cake & Cookie Sampler, I figured I could share my thoughts with my readers anyways. Besides, treats are treats, right? So they shipped a sampler out to me – they no longer have this small assortment in stock to buy, but you can still buy the individual items, if you hurry! Oh Nuts will not be shipping items during Passover, as they are closed for the holiday.

Passover Cake and Cookie Sampler

How Did the Passover Cakes and Cookies Taste?

While, as stated above, it makes little difference in our house that the contents of the sampler were Kosher for Passover, they would be worth buying outside any connection with the holiday. I wanted nothing to do with the Raspberry Jelly Roll Slice, so I let TJ try that. His immediate response was, “Mmmmmm!” When asked to expound upon that, he amused me with a profound (for a 7 year old) statement about how much he enjoyed the flavor of the raspberry throughout the whole “cake.” I wish I could remember his exact words, because they were hilarious. But the cake was nice and moist, and the flavor of the raspberry was pleasantly pervasive.

I suppose it was my own fault for assuming the Sandwich Cookie sandwiched chocolate between the cookies. Instead, it was jam. I’m not a big fan of jam, but I was surprised to find I enjoyed the cookie anyways. It was about the same texture as those gourmet leaf cookies I enjoy when I’m at a party that springs for a cookie tray, so that was a good thing. I confess I would have rather tried the Black and White Cookies on the Passover Cookies page, but I did eat the whole cookie at a time when I’m counting my calories, so that says something.

My favorite, which should come as no surprise to my friends, was the Chocolate Brownie Cake Slice. Brownies are my favorite baked good, though I can be very particular about them. Have you ever had a bad brownie? I have, and it’s a tragedy. If you don’t get the texture right, all you have is chocolate cake. But this slice I had? Got it right. It had the right amount of fudginess, it was nice and chocolaty, and the frosting was tasty, too. I could easily overindulge if I’d had the full size brownie cake in my house.

There were many other things I would have liked to have tried… macaroons, leaf cookies, meringue cookies, rainbow cake… but that wasn’t meant to be for me this time. I will say that many of the Oh Nuts Passover items are on sale right now, so waiting until the last minute does have some perks. 🙂

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  1. Glad that you were able to enjoy some Passover-related items.

    Just a warning that I wanted to throw out there, pretty much all of these products are very high in sugar, eggs and palm oil, so indulge sparingly (of course, most Passover-friendly desserts have to rely on sugars and fats to keep things moist and not mouth-numbingly dry, but most regular observers are already keen to that).

    Also, while the packages all warn that they were manufactured in a facility that processes nuts, many of the recipes use walnuts as an ingredient in the dough and you wouldn’t expect it in some of the items.

    But the company does look pretty awesome – it’s nice to find a place that makes hamantashen YEAR-ROUND!


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