3 Big Excuses for Not Producing Video Content – Type-A East 2016

We’re here at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for the 2016 Type-A Parent Conference East, and the first session I’m attending is a video/livestreaming intensive session – 3 Big Excuses for Not Producing Video Content (and how to  overcome them) – with Valerie Deneen and Daphne F. Leblanc. My reason for […]

Schedule for Liveblogging Type-A Parent East 2016

Every year, I attend the Type-A Parent conference; and every year, I liveblog the sessions I attend for my own later reference. Others have found my notes useful for remembering information they learned but didn’t retain upon re-entry, or for getting a glimpse at what they missed if they were unable to attend the session […]

Fifteenth Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks and 15 Years of Mental Illness

Fifteen years ago, I remember sitting at my computer desk in our old apartment when the phone rang. I have no idea what I was doing at my computer – and the internet wasn’t like it is today. We may have even had dial-up internet service at the time, which means I wasn’t online when my mom […]

Trey Pennington, Social Media, and Silently Suffering with Depression

This post originally appeared on ChristinaGleason.com on September 8, 2011. I am republishing it for the fifth anniversary of Trey Pennington’s death, with some edits to reflect changes in my personal social media accounts. Pretty much everyone in the industry now knows that Trey Pennington committed suicide over the weekend. It came as a shock to […]

Why All ‘Healthy Living’ Books are Inherently Classist and Ableist

When you’re chronically ill like I am, you are willing to try almost anything for even a little bit of relief from your daily burden of pain and other symptoms. Whether you try natural remedies or medical remedies first, you’re almost guaranteed to look into some of those “clean living” programs that use things like […]

Democrats Have a Disability Problem

I wrote a rather in-depth post about my disappointment with accessibility on the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last Monday, and I’ll get to both a summary of that and a followup about how ADA accommodations did get better later in the week. But first I want to talk about my […]

Autistic Lives Matter

While the news has been too full of the names of POC murdered by cops who get away with their crimes, the murders of disabled children may or may not go unpunished, but there is a much greater and more insidious tendency for people to sympathize with the parents who committed murder than the innocent […]

Why Spray and Pray PR Pitches are Full of Fail

As the owner of a lifestyle blog, I receive a high volume of pitches and press releases from PR professionals every day. I must confess that I delete most of them without reading them. But sometimes that little one-sentence preview I can see before opening the message is enough to intrigue me. This time, that […]

Just a Brief Vent About My Health

I still haven’t fully recovered from my CFS crash following my trip to Chicago in early May. My sleep has been crap. My crap has been crap. My cognitive abilities have been all over the place. No focus. I have the typing-equivalent of apraxia of speech, and sometimes it seems I have my Sword Behind […]

Public Relations Spammers: You’re Doing It Wrong

I probably wouldn’t have noticed it in my inbox if I hadn’t read something about it from a friend and fellow blogger on Facebook. But I saw the first line as a preview in my Gmail, and I had to click on it because I knew the same message had been sent to a number […]