Oh Nuts – A Dark Blue Chocolate Covered Almond Review

Oh Nuts contacted me about reviewing some of their Jordan Almonds and coming up with a recipe for a blogger contest they were running. I replied back that Jordan Almonds hurt my teeth, but to please keep me in mind when they decided to do anything with their chocolate covered almonds. I was told to choose a color for the chocolate covered almonds I wanted, and they would send them to me for review. I’m a little later than I wanted to be with the post…the almonds have been gone for weeks now…

Dark Blue Chocolate Covered Almonds?

Oh Nuts Dark Blue Chocolate Covered AlmondsMy first thought before going to choose my color was…they make chocolate covered almonds in different colors? Indeed they do. I had a great idea for taking a picture of them in a super cute bowl so I’d have a Pinterest-worthy pic to go with my review. Of course, February was the dullest, dreariest month, and my house doesn’t have very good lighting to begin with. I kept waiting for a sunny day, but by the time one of those came around, I’d eaten most of the chocolate covered almonds, and any photo I took would’ve come out rather sad with what was still left. So enjoy the lovely photo Oh Nuts uses on their site. 🙂

Chocolate covered almonds are one of my favorite snacks that have at least some redeeming value to them. (Hey, almonds are good for you even if chocolate is not.) I think I went through at least a pound of them a week for a few months when I was pregnant with TJ. The dark blue chocolate covered almonds from Oh Nuts do not disappoint. Sometimes you get chocolate covered almonds where the chocolate is too thick and overpowers the taste of the almonds…not a problem with these. The light candy coating that makes them dark blue does not detract from the flavor, and I think I prefer these to the superficially similar almond M&Ms.

My biggest “problem” with the dark blue chocolate covered almonds was that they turned my fingers, lips, and tongue blue, and it was occasionally tricky to wash all of the blue off. TJ found this hysterical when he watched me eat them, so it’s bound to be a big hit with the kids. It’s just something to keep in mind if you were going with the colored chocolate covered almonds as braidal shower favors or wedding favors. People in fancy clothes with  photographers around may not appreciate the blue as much.

As far as price? $6.99/lb is decent for chocolate covered almonds, even compared to grocery store prices. These also happen to be Certified Kosher Dairy, if your family keeps kosher. The price per pound goes down if you buy in bulk, too, which is helpful if you are using them to make party favors.

I wonder if I could convince Oh Nuts to let me review every color of chocolate covered almonds they sell. (You can also buy chocolate covered almonds from Oh Nuts in red, light blue, light green, orange, pink, white, purple, black, pastel pink, pastel purple, pastel green, yellow, and a variety of metallics and jewel tones.) Or maybe they could hire me as a brand ambassador so I can have an excuse to eat their tasty treats all the time… Hmm…

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  1. Thanks for the review! For me this is awesome! It reminds of a bubble gum (I can’t remember the name), the color of the gum will stain you mouth. But it’s washable.

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