I Am Pro-Life Because…

I know it may shock all of my fellow liberals that I’m about to share a list of all the reasons I am pro-life, but it has to be done. So sit back and prepare to be shocked. Here it comes. I am pro-life because…

Family holding hands and running

  • I support maternity care for all pregnant women, regardless of their health insurance status or ability to pay.
  • I support WIC, food stamps, and other government assistance that provides nutrition assistance for women and their families.
  • I support Medicaid, Medicare, and other government programs that provide health care assistance to those who need it, to stay healthy at all stages of life.
  • I support housing assistance programs that provide shelter for families so they don’t have to live on the street.
  • I do not support warfare, in which not only soldiers on both sides, but civilians are maimed or killed needlessly.
  • I support gun safety measures to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and to ensure proper safety mechanisms to prevent children from getting killed in accidental shootings.
  • I support a woman’s right to choose, because while children are precious, an unborn child is still only a potential life, and all children should be wanted, loved, and properly cared for after they are born.
  • I support immunizations for all children, regardless of their parents’ ability to pay; the benefits outweigh the risks, and both individual and herd immunity are important.
  • I believe in comprehensive education for all children (the core subjects, the arts, health, fitness, sex education, etc.) so that the next generation will find more ways to improve the quality of life for everyone.
  • I support equality in human rights, because we are all humans, and our lives deserve dignity despite our differences.
  • I support affordable access to birth control for all women, regardless of their ability to pay; if a woman who is not ready to have a baby can’t afford a prescription, how can she afford to raise a child?
  • I support safe access to abortion for all women, because people I care about would have died (along with their unborn children) if the procedure had been denied.
  • I support mental health access and parity for everyone, because mental health affects physical health, and vice versa.
  • I support quality elder care, because everyone deserves dignity at the end of life.
  • I support meaningful family leave to allow parents to take care of their children’s needs no matter where they work or what job they do.
  • I support a living wage that ensures no one who works full time lives in poverty.
  • I support tolerance for most everything except for crime and, well, intolerance.
  • I support love, because what else is life about?

A true “pro-life” stance is so much bigger than being “pro-birth.” Are you pro-life, too?

Christina Gleason (973 Posts)

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  1. Opposing free, comprehensive and universal education is not only anti-life but poor economic policy. With every child (i.e. future tax payer and economic actor) not receiving the fullest possible education is wasted potential and limits the economic growth.

  2. Gretchen Gerth says

    Thank you, this expresses exactly how I feel. I get so frustrated with the term pro-life meaning pro-fetus and anti-everything after birth.

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