How to Become Best Friends with the Tillers (World of Warcraft)

Here’s a quick guide to the gifts and favorite foods you can use to build your friendships with each member of the Tillers in the Valley of the Four Winds. Gifts can be found by digging up randomly scattered patches of Dark Soil in the Valley – and around other parts of Pandaria – and food can be made by players using the Cooking skill recipes taught by the various cooking trainers in Halfhill Market. There are other guides that go into depth about this process, but this is just a quick cheat sheet for you:

Best Friends Forever - Chee Chee Tillers

Tina Mudclaw

Likes Ruby Shards and Fire Spirit Salmon (Emperor Salmon + Scallions)

Haohan Mudclaw

Likes Ruby Shards and Charbroiled Tiger Steak (Raw Tiger Steak)

Gina Mudclaw

Likes Marsh Lilies and Swirling Mist Soup (Jade Lungfish)

Farmer Fung

Likes Marsh Lilies and Wildfowl Roast (Wildfowl Breast)

Jogu the Drunk

Likes Lovely Apples and Sauteed Carrots (Juicycrunch Carrot)


Likes Lovely Apples and Eternal Blossom Fish (Jade Lungfish + Striped Melon)


Likes Jade Cats and Shrimp Dumplings (Giant Mantis Shrimp)

Fish Fellreed

Likes Jade Cats and Twin Fish Platters (Krasarang Paddlefish)

Chee Chee

Likes Blue Feathers and Valley Stir Fry (Reef Octopus + Wildfowl Breast)

Old Hillpaw

Likes Blue Feathers and Braised Turtle (Raw Turtle Meat + Juicycrunch Carrot)

Order for Tillers Friendships

I like to become best friends with Gina first, since her friendship provides you with tools to make gardening less of a hassle. The others are more of a mixed bag.

Since each of the Tillers gifts are the preferred gift of two different Tillers, I always decided to give the gifts first to whichever Tiller likes food that was harder for me to come up with, based on ingredients in your inventory and cost/availability of each ingredient on your realm’s auction house. If you have an abundance of ingredients to make a certain dish, it makes more sense to use gifts to speed of the friendship of the other Tiller first. Ultimately, though, it’s up to your personal preference.

If you need to get your Tillers reputation up to Exalted, too, check out my other handy WoW guide: The Crops to Plant for Knocking Out Your Tillers Reputation

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