How to Beat the Pandaren Spirit Tamer Quests (World of Warcraft)

I find myself revisiting the Wowhead pages for each of the Pandaren Spirit Tamer dailies…day after day. And then I have to scroll through the comments to find the most viable strategies for my collection of pets, because I don’t have all of the “best” pets for the job yet.  As a general rule, I try to level a pet in each fight. A level 23 pet will often ding level 25 after a pet battle when I’m wearing my Safari Hat.  The other two pets in every fight are meant to be level 25 of rare quality. Here are the strategies that have worked for me (as of Patch 5.4.7):

Pandaren Spirit Tamers - Pet Leveling Guide

Thundering Pandaren Spirit Pet Battle Strategy

The enemy pets:

  1. Pandaren Earth Spirit (Elemental)
  2. Sludgy (Magic)
  3. Darnak the Tunneler (Beast)

My pets:

  1. Leveling Pet (Critter, at least 400 HP)
  2. Tolai Hare, or any other rabbit (Critter, speed >300)
  3. Son of Animus (Mechanical)
    Alternate Mechanical pets that can also work: Darkmoon Tonk

I like to level a critter in the first position, preferably one with Burrow. It soaks up the Crystal Prison and shakes off the CC, then burrows and (hopefully) hits on the next turn. Swap in your rabbit. Then: Burrow, Flurry, Flurry, Dodge until Pandaren Earth Spirit dies. I usually don’t have to use the Dodge.

Use your rabbit’s cooldowns as they become available when Sludgy comes out. When your rabbit dies, bring in Son of Animus. Use Extra Plating first, then either Siphon Anima or Touch of the Animus for healing, and spam Metal Fist until Slugdy dies.

Keep your mechanical out for Darnak the Tunneler and attack until it dies. Use your cooldowns as they become available.

Whispering Pandaren Spirit Pet Battle Strategy

The enemy pets:

  1. Dusty (Flying)
  2. Whispertail (Dragonkin)
  3. Pandaren Air Spirit (Elemental)

My pets:

  1. Nether Faerie Dragon (Dragonkin)
  2. Leveling Pet (any type, > 500 HP)
  3. Chrominius (Dragonkin)
    Alternate third pet: Infinite Whelpling

I use the combination of Moonfire, Life Exchange, and Arcane Blast. If I was put to sleep the first round, I forfeit the fight and try again. Otherwise, I start with Moonfire. Spam Arcane Blast until you can use the heal from Life Exchange or Moonfire comes off coooldown.

I continue the fight against Whispertail in a similar manner until my Nether Faerie Dragon is dead, or Whispertail is. Either way, swap in your leveling pet for one round. This pet should be able to survive at least 500 in damage.

Swap in your Chrominius to finish Pandaren Air Spirit off. Do not use an aquatic pet here, because you’ll take double damage from its attacks.

Flowing Pandaren Spirit Pet Battle Strategy

The enemy pets:

  1. Marley (Aquatic)
  2. Tiptoe (Aquatic)
  3. Pandaren Water Spirit (Elemental)

My pets:

  1. Leveling Pet (anything but Elemental, preferably level 23)
  2. Anubisath Idol (Humanoid)
  3. Sea Gull, or another flyer (Flying)

Have your leveling pet open with any attack. My level 23 moth was able to hit with Moth Dust when Marley cast Whirlpool. Swap to Anubisath Idol. Marley will cast Dive. Cast Deflect to avoid this and the Whirlpool. Then use Sandstorm, Crush, Crush, Deflect, Crush until Marley is dead.

When Tiptoe comes out, cast Sandstorm unless you need to cast Deflect first to avoid a Whirlpool. Use Crush until your other abilities come off cooldown. Anubisath Idol will probably die before Tiptoe does. Swap to your flyer and use Slicing Wind until Tiptoe dies.

Pandaren Water Spirit comes out. Cast Slicing Wind until Whirlpool and Geyser are down to 1 round on the counter. Use Lift-Off to avoid both. You should be able to finish the fight just spamming Slicing Wind.

Burning Pandaren Spirit Pet Battle Strategy

The enemy pets:

  1. Crimson (Dragonkin)
  2. Pandaren Fire Spirit (Elemental)
  3. Glowy (Flying)

My pets:

  1. Anubisath Idol (Humanoid)
  2. Leveling Pet, any type
  3. Nordrassil Wisp, or any arcane pet (Magic)

Crimson begins. Use Crush, Sandstorm, Deflection, then spam Crush until the dragon is dead. Pass one turn if it looks like you’re going to kill Crimson before Deflection comes off cooldown.

When Pandaren Fire Spirit comes out, cast Deflection. Use Sandstorm. Crush until you can cast Sandstorm again. Use Deflection after Sandstorm. Repeat until the elemental is dead.

When Glowy comes out, swap your leveling pet in for one attack. Then switch to your Nordrassil Wisp. Use Flash, Light, and Arcane Explosion until you can repeat the cycle.

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