How to Beat the Battle Pet Tamers: Pandaria Quests (World of Warcraft)

I find myself revisiting the Wowhead pages for each of the Battle Pet Tamers: Pandaria dailies…day after day. And then I have to scroll through the comments to find the most viable strategies for my collection of pets, because I don’t have all of the “best” pets for the job yet.  As a general rule, I try to level a pet in each fight. A level 23 pet will often ding level 25 after a pet battle when I’m wearing my Safari Hat. The other two pets in every fight are meant to be level 25 of rare quality.

The max level pets needed for this guide include: Nether Faerie Dragon, Gilnean Raven, Anubisath Idol, Son of Animus, Darkmoon Zeppelin, Flayer Youngling, Emerald Proto-Whelp, any Spider, Magical Crawdad, and Jade Owl. (Confession: I bought some of the harder to collect pets on this list in order to make leveling all of the rest of my pets easier. It was a good investment, because I can level pretty much any other pet I need with this combination.)

Here are the strategies that have worked for me (as of Patch 5.4.7):

Pandaren Battle Pet Tamers - Pet Leveling Guide

Hyuna of the Shrines Pet Battle Strategy

The enemy pets:

  1. Skyshaper (Flying)
  2. Fangor (Beast)
  3. Dor the Wall (Aquatic)

My pets:

  1. Nether Faerie Dragon (Dragonkin)
  2. Gilnean Raven, or other flying pet with single-hit attacks (Flying)
  3. Leveling Pet (level 1, any type)

Open the fight with Moonfire, then spam Arcane Blast until Skyshaper is dead.

If you took a lot of damage against Skyshaper, open with Life Exchange when Fangor comes out. Otherwise, spam Arcane Blast until Moonfire comes off cooldown. If your Nether Faerie Dragon dies first, you can bring out your Gilnean Raven next, but that generally doesn’t happen to me.

My Nether Faerie Dragon usually dies when Dor the Wall opens with Headbutt. You can bring out your leveling pet as soon as he uses Headbutt, because he won’t attack for another 3 rounds. Swap to Gilnean Raven after one round. Call Darkness, Nocturnal Strike, then Peck until you can use Nocturnal Strike again. This should be the killing blow, and if you have your Safari Hat on, your level 1 pet will now be level 11.

Farmer Nishi Pet Battle Strategy

The enemy pets:

  1. Siren (Elemental)
  2. Toothbreaker (Elemental)
  3. Brood of Mothallus (Beast)

My pets:

  1. Anubisath Idol (Humanoid)
  2. Leveling Pet, any type with a team buff, preferably level 19 or higher for survivability
  3. Son of Animus (Mechanical)
    Alternate Mechanical pets: Any that use single-hit attacks

Cast Sandstorm first to counter Siren’s Sunlight. Then use Crush, Deflection, and Crush until Siren is dead.

Toothbreaker comes out next. Cast Sandstorm and swap to your leveling pet. Cast your team buff/heal, and switch back to Anubisath Idol. Crush until Sons of the Root comes off cooldown; then cast Sandstorm. Crush until Toothbreaker dies.

Brood of Mothallus is up last. Use Deflection to counter Burrow. Sandstorm and Crush otherwise. If Anubisath Idol dies, swap to your Son of Animus or other mechanical pet to finish out the fight in whatever way you see fit. If the fight isn’t going fast enough for you, you can swap out your Anubisath Idol sooner.

Mo’ruk Pet Battle Strategy

The enemy pets:

  1. Woodcarver (Beast)
  2. Lightstalker (Flying)
  3. Needleback (Aquatic)

My pets:

  1. Darkmoon Zeppelin (Mechanical)
  2. Leveling Pet (Dragonkin or anything but Aquatic, >500 HP)
  3. Nether Faerie Dragon (Dragonkin)

Open with Bombing Run, Decoy, and then spam Missile until Woodcarver is Dead.

Swap in your leveling pet for one round to soak up Lightstalker’s Moth Dust. Then swap in your Nether Faerie Dragon. Use Moonfire and spam Arcane Blast until Lightstalker dies or your dragon does. Mine usually survives to fight Needleback.

Use Life Exchange your Nether Faerie Dragon survives Needleback’s first attack, and use Moonfire and Arcane Blast until your dragon dies. Then bring your Darkmoon Zeppelin back in. Sometimes you can finish the battle with your dragon. If not, use Bombing Run, Decoy, and then spam Missile until Needleback is dead.

Wastewalker Shu Pet Battle Strategy

The enemy pets:

  1. Crusher (Aquatic)
  2. Pounder (Elemental)
  3. Mutilator (Beast)

My pets:

  1. Gilnean Raven, or other flyer (Flying)
  2. Leveling Pet, preferably a level 23 frog (Aquatic)
  3. Son of Animus, or other mechanical with single-hit attacks (Mechanical)

Crusher comes out first. Use Call Darkness first to minimize the enemy’s heals. Then use Noctural Strike and Peck until Crusher is dead.

When Pounder comes out, use Peck until your other abilities come off cooldown. Use what you can until your raven dies. Then swap in your leveling pet, hopefully after Crusher’s second attack, which is a hard-hitting Rupture. Spam Frog Kiss, using Healing Rain as needed. What you really want is to transform Pounder into a frog. If this happens, he’ll switch out with Mutilator, which makes survival much easier for your team as a whole. If this happens…switch to Son of Animus as soon as you transform Pounder. If he doesn’t turn into a frog, switch to Son of Animus as soon as he dies.

Mutilator is up. Use Extra Plating first, then Touch of the Animus. Spam Metal Fist until Mutilator dies. If Pounder is still alive, use your cooldowns as they become available and spam Metal Fist. If your Son of Animus dies, finish Mutilator off with your frog’s Water Jet.

Aki the Chosen Pet Battle Strategy

The enemy pets:

  1. Chirrup (Critter)
  2. Stormlash (Dragonkin)
  3. Whiskers (Aquatic)

My pets:

  1. Flayer Youngling (Humanoid)
  2. Anubisath Idol (Humanoid)
  3. Leveling Pet, preferably flying

Rampage first, then Triple Snap until Chirrup dies.

When Stormlash comes out, cast Deflection to block his Call Lightning. Then switch to your Anubisath Idol. Cast Sandstorm to change the weather. Crush until his Call Lightning comes off cooldown. Then cast Deflection again, although he won’t always try to change the weather again. Finish him off with Crush.

When Whiskers comes out, cast Sandstorm. You will probably die from his Dive unless he misses. Switch to your leveling pet. Attack until he uses Dive again. If you can survive the hit, soak it up before swapping to Flayer Youngling. If not, swap and let Flayer Youngling take it. Rampage should finish him off.

Courageous Yon Pet Battle Strategy

The enemy pets:

  1. Piqua (Flying)
  2. Lapin (Critter)
  3. Bleat (Beast)

My pets:

  1. Emerald Proto-Whelp (Dragonkin)
  2. Amethyst Spiderling, or any other spider (Beast)
  3. Leveling Pet, preferably level 19+ mechanical

Start by casting Emerald Presence. Spam Emerald Bite until Piqua dies.

When Lapin comes out, swap in your spider. Use: Brittle Webbing, Leech Life, Strike. If Lapin isn’t dead yet, Leech Life and Strike again.

Bleat is up last. Use Brittle Webbing first, and attack again if you can. Swap in your leveling pet for one attack when your spider dies. Then switch back to Emerald Proto-Whelp. Cast Emerald Presence first, then heal up with Emerald Dream. Spam Emerald Bite and use other abilities as necessary until the fight ends.

Seeker Zusshi Pet Battle Strategy

The enemy pets:

  1. Diamond (Elemental)
  2. Mollus (Critter)
  3. Skimmer (Aquatic)

My pets:

  1. Magical Crawdad (Aquatic)
  2. Jade Owl (Magic)
  3. Leveling Pet, any type

I open with Whirlpool, Shell Shield, Surge. Surge until you can use Whirlpool again, and Surge until Diamond dies.

Mollus is up next. Cast Shell Shield to block Acidic Goo. Whirlpool and Surge until you die. Switch to Jade Owl. Open with Adrenaline Rush before using Thrash. Spam Thrash until Mollus is dead.

Skimmer is up. Swap to your leveling pet for one attack, then swap back. Thrash, Thrash, Lift-Off.  Adrenaline Rush and Thrash should finish up the fight.

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