Cutest Kid Ever Holiday Gift Guide 2009

If you don’t know what to buy your husband, son, niece, best friend, or you just don’t know what to tell other people when they ask what you want, it can be helpful to take a look at some holiday gift guides that have been put together by people you know and trust. So I’ve compiled a holiday gift guide of my own for 2009. Some of these gifts were sent to me by companies who want to get the word out about their great products, while others were purchased by me – some during my masochistic Black Friday shopping trip. I’ll make sure to specify which is which for you. Oh, and if you click on a link that takes you to Amazon, that’s my affiliate link – and I accept the commission I earn on your purchase as thanks for posting this holiday gift guide. 🙂

Gifts for Little Boys

Discovery Kids Digital Camera

Discovery Kids Digital CameraI bought the blue version of the Discovery Kids Digital Camera on Black Friday. It was one of the doorbuster deals at JCPenney, and I got the last one! Sure, there were two pink ones left, but blue is my boy’s favorite color. It has soft molded grips and a carrying strap for little hands. The camera has 16 MB of internal memory storage to hold up to 120 still photos. It also takes full-motion AVI video clips. It includes a USB cable and installation CD; it requires 4 AA batteries that are not included. Looks pretty sturdy for when TJ inevitably drops it or “accidentally” throws it. Click on the image to the left to buy the camera on Amazon.

The Zoopendous Surprise by Boots Hensel

The Zoopendous SurpriseThis adorable book was sent to me as an advanced reading copy for review. It was signed by the author! How cool is that? It has 32 pages with color illustrations by Andrea Gabriel. It’s an adorable story about two Asian elephants named Mary and Ellen. The elephants are celebrating a birthday, and all of their friends at the zoo have a great surprise for them. If your kid loves elephants, this is a really cute book. The print is large enough for early readers. List price for the book is $16.95, but clicking on the image to the left will show you the sale price at Amazon.

Star Wars LEGOs – Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter

Star Wars LEGO Darth Vader's TIE FighterOne of the few things that TJ actually asked for was Star Wars LEGOs. So Tom and I hit the sale at Target this week to pick up some LEGOs that came with the Star Wars minifigs. Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter was not on sale, but it did come with a mini Darth Vader, so Tom insisted on buying it we ended up getting it. Okay, so this one says it’s for ages 7-12, but Tom said he would put it together for TJ. (I think he just wants to play with it.) There are 251 pieces, so I hope they don’t end up getting lost before TJ is old enough to build it himself. Click on the image to the left to buy this LEGO set at Amazon.

Star Wars LEGOs – Separatist Shuttle

Star Wars Lego Separatist ShuttleThough I’m not sure if TJ will recognize the 5 Star Wars minifigs that come with the Separatist Shuttle, the important part of having Star Wars LEGOs, according to him, was that he could play with the little figures. And there are five of them. So he can certainly play with them now. The Separatist Shuttle comes with Nute Gunray, Onaconda Farr, a Droid Pilot, and two Battle Droids. Like Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter, this set is meant for ages 7-12. Tom said he’d put this one together, too. All 259 pieces. You can buy the Separatist Shuttle by clicking on the image to the left.

Home Free Allergen-Free Cookies

Home Free CookiesI’ve previously reviewed Home Free cookies before, and my contact there was happy to send some more for me to give to my cousin’s son Eli for Christmas because Eli has several different food allergies. Eli will be snacking on soft oatmeal cookies, mini chocolate chip cookies, and a chocolate chocolate chip cookie. Home Free cookies are made with organic ingredients, including whole grain flour. They are also peanut free, tree nut free, egg free, and dairy free. Having sampled them before, I also know that they’re quite tasty! You can buy your favorite little guy with food allergies a fantastically tasty gift basket from the Home Free Treats site.

The Fairytale Collection by The 6 Pence Players

The Fairytale CollectionI was sent a cute CD of audio fairy tales told by kids! The Fairytale Collection by 6 Pence Productions tells the stories of Three Billy Goats Gruff, Cinderella and Friends, The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Three Little Pigs Meet the Big Bad Wolves, and The Princess and the Pea. This CD is great for kids ages 3-8. I think this will make the CD rotation in my Kia Sedona after TJ finds this under the tree on Christmas morning! Total playing time is about 57 minutes.

The Snowman’s Song by Marilee Joy Mayfield

The Snowman's SongI was sent this beautiful 44-page hardcover book as a review copy. The Snowman’s Song: A Christmas Story was a winner of the Mom’s Choice Awards from the Just for Mom Foundation. It comes with a storytime audio CD as well! The glossy pages use big letters for early readers. The story is described as “a life-affirming story of love and faith,” and I have to agree. It’s a truly beautiful story that helps children build their confidence and self-esteem. I can’t wait for TJ to find this book under the tree so we can read it together. You can buy it for your child by clicking on the image to the left.

Gifts for Toddlers

The Baby Dipper Bowl

Baby Dipper BowlMy niece is about 18 months old, and one of the items that was sent to me for review was the Baby Dipper bowl and spoon set. It looks like it will be really great for helping her learn how to feed herself with a spoon. The bowl has  a non-slip base to keep it from sliding, and the inside of the bowl is contoured to guide the food to the spoon. Until she learns how to use the spoon herself, the non-slip base will allow her parents to feed her with one hand, since they won’t have to worry about holding on to the bowl. I think that’s pretty nifty. Click on the image to the left if you’d like to order one for a toddler in your life.

Gifts for Friends

The Toddler Cafe by Jennifer Carden

The Toddler CafeThis is a gift I’m “giving” myself. The Toddler Cafe by Jennifer Carden was sent to me as a review copy. (Signed by the author, too!) The book has 144 colorful pages and a sturdy cover. There are loads of creative recipes for picky eaters, which makes it invaluable to me. TJ isn’t the only picky eater in the family -Tom and I are both pretty picky, too, and we could all use some more healthy stuff in our diets! I have to say that I’m very curious to try making the Minty Pea Pops, the Knock Knock Gnocchi, and the Squashed Potato Pancakes. Click on the image to the left if you’d like to give the gift of recipes to the parent of a picky eater you love!

Personalized Calendars

Personalized CalendarI was sent a very cool personalized calendar from the fine folks at Tukaiz Products. It has my name on it in 12 different pictures! I wanted to take a picture of the actual calendar I got, but the lighting in my house and the flash on my camera conspired to take several really bad pictures. It’s super cute. I think my favorite months are January’s car with my name written on the windshield in the snow, March’s boat with my name spelled out in lily pads, June’s butterfly with my name written across its wings, September’s chalkboard with my name written in chalk, and November’s law with my name spelled out in fallen leaves. I have a few friends who might like a calendar like this, and it would even be an appropriate gift for your boss or co-workers. Click on the image to the left to check out their site and see which calendar, invitations, or holiday cards would make the perfect gift for someone you know.

I’m still waiting to see if a few more items will arrive so I can take a look at them and personally vouch for them… I’ll update as I get visited by UPS, FedEx, and the USPS!

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  1. Thanks Christina! The personalized calendar might have just bailed me out of a holiday gift problem. Now if I can get it shipped to Canada, it will be all good!

  2. Hi Christina and Olivier,

    Thanks so much for your kind comments on Tukaiz’ customized 2010 Calendars. In answer to your question, yes, we do ship to Canada.

    We’re also working on a promotion for readers of the Cutest Kid Ever blog. We’ll be in touch with Christina once we have more details, which hopefully we’ll be in a few weeks. Maybe not in time for Christmas, but certainly in time for the New Year!


    The Tukaiz Product Store Team


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