Happy 9 months, little man!

It’s been 9 months, TJ. You’ve been outside in this world for as long as you were in my belly now. You sit, you crawl, you can stand without holding onto anything for seconds at a time. You have five teeth and a shy sixth tooth that seems to be taking its time breaking through. You eat loads of stuff now – stage 3 baby food with milk, egg yolk, wheat, citrus, and now even tomato. You’ve had a bit of table food as well, including some stuff your grandma snuck you against my wishes, but you liked it and did well. Just today you had some cheeseburger. You still devour your puffs like candy.

I swear you said “Mama” three times last night while reaching out to me over your fence even though Daddy was sitting in there to play with you. You babble all the time now, determined to talk. Daddy gets a kick out of your “….Ka.” Today was marked with lots of “ga-ga-ga-ga.” You’ll be saying words we can understand before we know it.

You seem to think it’s quite the fun game to high-tail it crawling out into the kitchen, pausing to turn for just a moment to make sure I’m following, and laughing when I step in front of you to block you from crawling further to where you could get hurt. “Whoopsie Baby” is sure to make you laugh as well; you enjoy the thrill of falling. As long as we catch you, of course. You’ve fallen a number of times in your exploring, and you don’t care much for that.

Sleep is still all over the map. Two nights ago, you woke me up at 2:30 and then again at 7:00. Last night, you slept straight through until 8:15. You’re getting better about settling down for your naps, though you still have at least one per day where you feel the need to scream for five minutes first. Even if you’re ready to drop from exhaustion.

I love you, little man. You’re growing up so fast!

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