Happy 8 months!

TJ, I can’t believe you’re eight months old. You’re eating Stage 3 foods. You love your Gerber Puffs, which have helped you get really good at chewing with your four teeth. You can even feed them to yourself. You’ve tried canned pears, Cheerios, canned peaches, biter biscuits, zwieback toast, and a french fry. You’d been sleeping 8-11 hours at night until these past few days, when you’ve been waking up around 3:00 or 4:00. You can pull yourself up on practically anything higher than the floor, but you scream when it’s nap time and you can’t figure out how to get back down in your crib. You sit without any support at all, and you can go from sitting to crawling and vice versa. You army crawl for speed and ease most of the time, but when you get close to your target, you get up on your hands and knees like you’re supposed to do. You can even pull yourself up from a sitting position. You do occasionally fall, but you haven’t hurt yourself too badly so far. You’re in between size 2 and size 3 diapers because you’re still a little man. Unfortunately, you’ve had a terrible case of diaper rash for about a week.

You bit me today, hard enough to break the skin on my shoulder even through my sweatshirt. You’re starting to turn and look at me when I tell you, “No,” but you don’t quite understand it yet; you smiled at me when I told you “No” when you bit me. You hear “No” a lot, because you love to crawl all over and get into things that can hurt you. One of your favorite toys is Leap the Frog that sings the alphabet song; Grandma Kitty got that for you. You also love playing with the Elmo table at Grandma Debbie’s house. You try to eat every toy we put in front of you. And even things that aren’t toys. You’ll crawl past even your favorite toys to get to your container of wipes or a tube of Desitin. You seem to really enjoy going for walks in your stroller with Mommy and Daddy on sunny days. You’re not saying Mama and Dada yet, but even today you’re getting better and better at trying out your consonant sounds.

We switched you to regular formula this past weekend. Since you’re doing so well with your food, I thought it might be time to see if you can digest those milk proteins. It seems to be going pretty well. You’re finally starting to fit into your 6-9 month clothes. We bought you a bunch of new stuff this weekend since your 3-6 month clothes are getting too small. You’re starting to look more like a little boy than a baby, which is both nice and sad.

Everything is so new to you, and your face never fails to show how amazed you are at learning new things. You’re incredible, buddy.

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