Happy 7 months, buddy!

My little man is getting so big! You may still be small, but you think you’re much bigger. You’re crawling at a startling pace across the floor already, after just learning to do it not that long ago. Oddly enough, you seem to zero in on things like your baby wipes and diaper rash cream when you’re crawling towards something. With a battle cry. You walk across the room with only two fingers to hold onto. You stand in your Exersaucer sometimes without holding onto anything at all. You can sit up if you don’t get distracted, but you’re far more interested in moving around than sitting still to master that skill. You like to cross your ankles and play with your hair whenever we feed you your bottle. You eat all the different baby foods we’ve given you, even the meats now. You babble with consonant sounds and sometimes sound like you’re speaking in full sentences. Just today, you learned you can bang two toys together to make a really loud sound. You know you like music, and you know how to turn on your various musical toys whenever you get bored. You make diaper changing a challenge, because you keep trying to roll over and crawl away. You can sit up in a regular restaurant high chair as long as we have a jacket to stuff behind you; you don’t need the special infant seat carrier anymore. Although you end up on my lap after a few minutes most of the time anyway.

You still only have two teeth that have broken through, but we can now see the outline of one of your top ones. How long before it cuts through? You are quite the drool factory. You’ve hit that stage called separation anxiety. You whine or cry whenever I leave the room, or even when I’m in the same room where you can see me but I’m not looking right at you. Luckily, you’re still comfortable when I leave you with other people; you just need someone’s complete and undivided attention to make you happy. Whenever you go to sleep in your crib, you gravitate toward the bumper pad and throw your arm over it. You awakened us three nights in a row when you wriggled off the motion sensor pad and set off the alarm, so now we’ve gotten smarter and just move you back into the middle of your crib before we go to bed each night.

What a big little man you are. I love you.

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