Happy 6 months, little man!

I can’t believe how big you’re getting, even if your friend Gavin weighs as much as you do and he’s four months younger. You’ve got your two bottom front teeth. You’re eating two jars of baby food every day, plus cereal. You can roll over in both directions like a pro; you fall asleep in some really strange positions because of this. You know that the music will play if you push the monkey button on your Exersaucer and you’ve even pulled the middle toy under the star on your car seat to make it play music, too. If you’ve got two adult fingers to hold onto, you can walk right across the room. Today at Grandma Debbie’s house, you stood without our help by leaning on the Elmo table! You smile and laugh and coo; you’re starting to respond to your own name. You can sit up with a little help, and sometimes stay sitting upright all by yourself for a few seconds. You’re getting good at holding your bottle on your own, even if you sometimes need some help getting it into your mouth. You like to blow raspberries at Mommy and Daddy, and you have the biggest belly laughs when we play Peek-a-boo with a blanket. You like to yell to hear the sound of your own voice. And you give such nice kisses with your mouth wide open and drooling. You’re starting to sleep through the night again, but I think new teeth coming in will cause problems with that for a while.

I love you so much, TJ! What a great half a year!

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