Getting Ready for Santa and His Elves

Originally posted elsewhere on December 2, 2010.

While toddlers may get excited about the thought of getting presents from Santa on Christmas, it’s the preschoolers who actually start grasping the concept. My son TJ is in total awe of Santa Claus, and my normally skittish boy will happily sit on Santa’s lap in the mall to tell him what he wants for Christmas. (Photo below obviously not my son!)

Amy Meets Santa

I have to admit, I’ve taken advantage of the Santa thing a bit this year. I was telling TJ the other day that Santa’s elves are out and about watching to make sure all the little boys and girls are being good. (He was being whiny about things that didn’t really matter. His tears dried up when I told him about the elves.) And the thing about those elves? They’re like ninjas. You don’t see them unless they want you to see them.

TJ said he saw three of them on our drive home that day. Hehe!

Anyways…Did you know that your child can call and leave a message for Santa? Let your son or daughter call the Santa line and tell the big guy what he or she wants for Christmas. The best part? You’ll be emailed a link where you can listen to the call…and you can pass the link along to friends and family.

Want to listen to TJ’s call to Santa last year? It’s one of the cutest things you’ll ever hear. (He’d just gotten in trouble for something before we called, so he fessed up to Santa about it before he said what he wanted for Christmas!)

To all those who celebrate, enjoy the Christmas season with your kids!

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