Eden Fantasys Cop Costume Review

Long before I met Drew from Eden Fantasys at the Type-A Mom Conference, I’d been in touch with him about reviewing a product of my choice from the Web site. Unfamiliar with Eden Fantasys? They sell lingerie and, um, adult toys. And Drew said it was perfectly fine for me to choose something to review that could be completely PG for my little ol’ mommy blog here. (Those links, however, are very much rated R! Don’t visit the site until after the kiddies are in bed.)

Guilty Mommy Pleasures

cop-sideI found a cute little officer costume in just my size – medium. (That link? It’s my affiliate link. Just in case you want to buy one for yourself.) What I liked most about it was how sexy it was, yet still modest enough that I could post a picture of myself wearing it in my review post. If I were a more daring person, it would be decent enough to wear to a Halloween party. (Although I’d need to invest in the undie coverups that dancers and cheerleaders wear.) Because it’s good to see what these things look like on real people, not mannequins or stick-thin models. I have to admit, I waffled on this one a lot, because I’m really quite shy. I’m an introvert. I just play an extrovert on the Internet. But as you can see, the extrovert won out.

The cop costume came with the dress, the hat, a plastic baton, and a pair of plastic handcuffs with tiny little plastic keys. It’s made by Leg Avenue, and that’s what it says on the police badge on the sleeve. The company was nice enough to let me pick out the sheer backseam stockings, too. (Also my affiliate link.) The silver shoes you see in the photo, however, are mine. I don’t have a decent pair of black heels that I could’ve worn for the photo shoot, which my husband was happy enough to take care of in our back yard. Yes, the costume was decent enough that I could wear it in the back yard… although I did feel self-conscious when one of our neighbors from across the tennis court took her dog out.

The cop dress was super easy to put on. Sometimes you get a costume or other cute little outfit, and it takes 10 minutes to put it on properly. This was very easy. I put it on, zipped it up, and it was on. The hat was a little misshapen from shipping, but I was able to pop it back into its proper form with a little coaxing. I was rather surprised at how sturdy it was. Very good quality. Do you think I look good in hats?

The baton was very cheap plastic. I suppose that’s not a horrible thing, because it’s not the sort of thing you actually want to hurt someone with. (Unless you’re into that, of course, but that’s entirely another category in the online shop.) I thought the handcuffs looked pretty cheap, too, but my husband examined them and said that they were made better than I’d thought they were. Apparently the safety release would be needed if you couldn’t find the keys. That may be important to note.

The stockings are fantastic… except that I didn’t have the foresight to get myself a garter belt to hold them up. They kept sliding down on me, which is why they’re a bit uneven in the pictures. Sometimes when you get seamed stockings, you get a single seam that’s supposed to run across your toes and all the way up the back of your leg – and that makes for very uncomfortable toes. These stockings have a comfortable seam across the top of the toes. Who would have thought?

Overall, I’m quite happy with this awesome officer costume. Easy to get into and out of. No buttons, laces, or other oddities to contend with. Super cute. And even though I have body issues when it comes to my legs and my butt, I think I manage to look pretty hot in it. (I’m not digging for compliments, here. The only person who really needs to think I’m hot is my husband, and he tells me that all the time.)

Want one more pic so you can see the sexy neckline? I thought so:


Seriously, every girl needs an outfit like this they can feel awesome in. Now I just need to figure out whether or not I’m gutsy enough to post a pinup photo on deviantART… Thank you, Eden Fantasys, for helping me to feel awesome. For that, you’ve definitely earned a spot in my Guilty Mommy Pleasures section!

Eden Fantasys Coupon Code

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