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TJ had his OT/PT evlauation today, as discussed when we had his first CPSE meeting with the school district back in January. I’d completely dropped the ball on this one. First of all, I thought it was tomorrow afternoon. Second of all, I never got the paperwork, and I forgot to follow up so I could get it taken care of ahead of time. I called the school to ask for the paperwork today, and she told me his appointment was at 1:00 today. Nothing like two hours notice to change the plans that were set up for tomorrow – especially when we were headed to the pediatrician because of his coughing at 11:30. (Apparently just a cold, although his cough sounds awful and his throat is red. No croup. No bronchitis. Strep test negative.)

Much as I expected at this point, they recommended both OT and PT services for TJ.  With a normal range between 90 and 110, TJ scored in the 70s for both occupational and physical therapy test items. He had a lot of fun playing with the therapists, but he had a lot of difficulty with a number of tasks.

For OT, he had trouble with scissors, buttons, threading beads onto a shoelace, and “sewing” a shoelace into a card. She noted that he was very persistent in trying, but once his first attempt failed, he had no capacity to try something different. I forget exactly what she called it.

For PT, he had some issues with balance and his core muscles. He needed to hold onto the railing on the stairs, he didn’t know how to throw underhand, and he was completely uncomfortable sitting on the therapy ball – he held onto the physical therapist for dear life. We knew he had problems walking on his toes too much, and apparently he has a tendency to sit in the W position, so we have to tell him to “fix his legs” when we see him do that.

So the good part was that he had a lot of fun doing the evaluation. He loves running, jumping, and playing with balls and blocks. The upshot is that they want him to do OT and PT twice a week each. We probably won’t meet with the school district committee until the end of April or beginning of May, so it will be a while before he can even begin therapy.

Grandma Kitty said she’d be fine with the therapists coming to her place for therapy when she watches him while I work. Grandma Debbie, on the other hand, sort of freaked out when I called her, asking why on Earth he needed therapy. (“They don’t think he’ll grow out of it in a year?” No, mom. That’s what therapy is for.) She’ll be okay with it eventually. She’s got at least a month to let it sink in.

Tom and I? We’re fine with it. We just want whatever is best for TJ, and if he needs a little extra help to get his body working the right way, then we’re going to get it for him as early as possible. I’m optimistic.

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  1. Hopefully all this therapy will help him. I used to sit in the W position a lot.

  2. So glad that TJ is going to get the therapy that he needs. Those evaluations are always a pain, but needed. When my oldest was really little he always sat in the W position. That was one of the items that made me call EI before he was two. Therapy has been amazing for my son. His muscles and core strength have improved greatly with years of PT and OT. Thanks to this we will likely see a decrease in therapy for next year, which makes me nervous. Still, I will see how it goes and if things get worse they know they will hear from me. Good luck with therapy!

  3. Your love for him shows.


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