Cyber Monday Shopping

Today, I’m shopping for myself. It’s Cyber Monday, and I’m taking advantage of some awesome sales! First up: $50 Old Navy Gift Card that I got from redeeming points on MyPoints. (Join MyPoints NOW!) What I got for $50: 2 pairs of velour pants – $10 each 4 Performance Fleece V-Neck Pullovers – $7.50 each […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Cutest Kid Ever

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for? I am thankful for… My wonderful husband and son. A job I enjoy and I’m good at. That job pays good money in this tough economy. My health; even though I have a lot of problems, I get by. Friends, even the ones I’ll never meet in person. […]

Haiku Friday – Prayer for Weekend Plans

Three generations, Bus trip to Shea Stadium… Don’t get rained out, please. Tags: family time, haiku friday

Cutest Baby Ever is about to become Cutest Kid Ever

I’m waiting for the go-ahead from both my hosting company and my registrar, but pretty soon you’ll be able to get here with a much easier-to-remember URL:! Don’t worry – the old links will still work to get you here; they’ll redirect to the new URL. But my baby isn’t a baby anymore, and […]

A Sense of Humor (From The Wheel of Time)

As Rand gets to know the Aiel as “his people,” he often makes remarks to himself about their odd sense of humor. InĀ Lord of Chaos, in the chapter called “A Sense of Humor,” he turns to face the Maidens who claim he has no sense of humor, and he tells them the following story: An […]

Video for “I’m Gonna Catch You” by the Laurie Berkner Band

This is the music video for “I’m Gonna Catch You” by the Laurie Berkner Band. I really like Laurie Berkner’s music, and so does TJ. There are a few other songs I like better than this one, but I wanted to make sure I used a video that was posted by the band, and not […]

Video for “Jenny Jenkins” by Lisa Loeb

This music video plays on Noggin, both during Jack’s Big Music Show and sometimes in between programs. As a big fan of Lisa Loeb’s adult music, like the popular “Stay,” I must admit that I find this song, “Jenny Jenkins” getting stuck in my head at random times. She has it available for embedding on […]

All Choked up by Brandon Sanderson’s Words

I’ve been a little behind in my reading of Brandon Sanderson’s blog. I just read his entry from the end of March when he talks about his “collaboration” with Robert Jordan in completingĀ A Memory of Light. This part has me all choked up: Collaborating with Robert Jordan seemed to set me too high in the […]

To My Troll

Whoever you are that likes to sign your posts from “” or something similar: You’re right, I don’t post your comments. My comments are moderated to prevent spam from coming through – I’ve been protected from 16,486 spam comments so far – but the moderation process works for people like you, as well. Half a […]

We’ve been sick

The whole family has been sick for the past week or so. Not all at the same time, but Grandma Kitty and Grandma Debbie were out of commission all last week. TJ had the stomach flu before them. And yesterday, I got hit with it. Hopefully, normal service will resume soon. Tags: blog stuff, sick