Dear Kid Saturday – Note for Santa

Dear TJ, Daddy showed me something last night that made me smile. No, it made me laugh right out loud. On your own, and completely of your own volition, you decided to write a note to Santa at the dining room table. You spelled everything all by yourself, too, of which I’m really proud of […]

Big Sis and Little Brother: Attachment Theory and the Sibling Relationship

When we were little, my little brother and I fought all the time. The wrestling matches ended when I couldn’t beat him anymore, but the verbal spats just grew more heated with each passing year. By the time we reached adulthood, we rarely spoke. This is one of my biggest regrets, and not something I want to see […]

What to Watch: Thanksgiving with the Family

This is a guest post by Caitlin Douglass, who does not have a blog of her own. Thanks for helping me out! There’s a lot more to Thanksgiving than just the food. Sure, that’s the focal point, especially if you’re having the whole family over. Snacks to tide people over until dinner are essential. Then […]

Dear Kid Saturday – Firing Mommy

Dear TJ, You decided you wanted to go to IHOP for lunch today to get a Scary Face pancake. Unfortunately, that promotion was over, and you were disappointed that you had to order your usual Rooty Jr. But you were in quite a silly mood anyways… Tags: Dear Kid Saturday, kindergarteners, silly

Sexualization of Girls in the Media Video

Women’s Media Center sent me an email inviting me to the SPARK Summit this Friday, October 22, 2010 in New York City. I won’t be able to attend, but it will be livestreamed on the SPARK Summit Web site. I don’t normally just copy and paste things sent to me by PR and media firms, […]

Dear Kid Saturday – Kindergarten Boy

Dear TJ, I didn’t get to take pictures of you getting on the bus on your first day of kindergarten because of the big bus mixup, but Daddy got a video of you getting on the bus the next day! Tags: kindergarten, kindergarteners, school, school bus, videos

First Day of Kindergarten – Transportation Trauma

I’m happy to say that TJ had a great first day of kindergarten. I’m unhappy to say that I was fraught with unnecessary anxiety that was more than just the natural “my baby’s going to kindergarten!” angst I was expecting. And it’s all because of the buses. Tags: back to school, kindergarten, kindergarteners, school, school […]

Dear Kid Saturday – This Is It

Dear TJ, This is it. The last weekend ever before you start school. Kindergarten starts on Monday. Where did the time go? You had your Welcome to Kindergarten orientation on Wednesday where you met your teacher and got to ride the bus. You didn’t even want to sit with Mommy and Daddy on the bus […]

Dear Kid Saturday – We Will Always Love You

Dear TJ, You had a very hard time this week. Grandma Kitty went to Cape Cod for a much-needed vacation, so you went to Grandma Debbie’s house while Mommy and Daddy worked. Normally, this would be something that you love. However, it’s gotten a bit more complicated since Uncle Joe, Aunt Meghan, and your cousin […]

Dear Kid Saturday – Crashing Cars

Dear TJ, The past few days, you’ve been much more into playing with your toy cars. You’ve got Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Happy Meal toys, and everything in between. You’re favorite thing to do, of course, is to crash the cars into each other. Tags: Dear Kid Saturday, playing, preschoolers, toys