Happy 6th Birthday, TJ!

Dear TJ, I have had the honor of being your mommy for six years now. I’ve watched you grow from a tiny, squirmy, 6 lb 2 oz baby into a tall, strong, handsome six-year-old boy. All moms say this, but you’re growing up so fast! Sometimes I wish I could press pause and keep you […]

Getting Ready for Preschool

Will this be your little one’s first year of preschool? The start of the school year in September is rapidly approaching, and you may be wondering if you’re really ready for this exciting milestone. Your preschooler is almost certainly ready, but it’s mom and dad who may be wishing they had more time to prepare! […]

Is Your Child a Brat?

I’d like to start by saying that I don’t think you should ever call a child a brat – that label can be damaging to a child’s self-image and should be reserved for two-dimensional movie and TV characters – but kids can certainly display a number of bratty behaviors. Of course, other people may think […]

Where’s My Kid? WHERE IS HE?

Originally posted elsewhere on October 22, 2010. Have you ever lost your child? I don’t need to specify an amount of time. 10 seconds of not knowing where your child is? Panic inducing. An absolute nightmare. I lost TJ for about 20 seconds at the costume store a few weeks ago. He wanted to look […]

Dear Kid Saturday – My Compliments to Your Kid

Dear TJ, It’s been a while since I wrote one of these, and you’re growing up so fast. You’re so tall that you don’t fit in shopping carts anymore, which presents a challenge for Saturdays when we go grocery shopping at Price Chopper. The really cool thing is that Price Chopper recently got some little […]

Getting Ready to Read

If your preschooler is anything like my son, he or she can’t wait to read! TJ has loved books ever since he was a baby. We read to him before he could even roll over in his crib. He graduated from preschool last year, and he’s in kindergarten now, but he’s already reading so many […]

Our Wild Kratts Dance Party

It may seem like a small, silly thing, but TJ and I have a date every evening around 5:00 pm. I say around 5:00 pm because we have to rewind to the beginning of Wild Kratts on our DVR after he gets home from my mother-in-law’s house. If you aren’t familiar with Wild Kratts, it’s […]

School Bus Harassment – Is It Happening to Your Child?

My mother-in-law called me about 15 minutes ago to inform me of a situation with the school bus. She gets TJ off the bus every day, and apparently he was shouting at some older girls when he got off the bus today. For the past few days, these older girls have been harassing him, telling […]

Guns at School – Scary Email

I just got this message in my email: Today at the high school during dismissal, transportation personnel noticed that a young man, not a Shen student, had two hunting rifles on a gun rack in his car. The district’s security called the Saratoga County Sheriff and NYS Police. Although the police determined that the young man […]

Values vs Hype

The national news is full of stories about how people are ready and willing to start spending at holiday time once again. It seems they have confidence in the economy so now while they aren’t going to go crazy at the stores; they are going to make a big dent in that credit card or […]