Do Kids Have Enough Time to Eat Lunch at School?

As I was perusing Facebook this morning, I happened upon a discussion that opened up when Mommy Niri asked if lunchtime was too short. TJ has only been in school for two weeks now, and we’ve already had more than one occasion where he’s reported not having enough time to finish his lunch. The first […]

Dear Kid Saturday – Expecto Patronum

Dear TJ, You and Daddy have been reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban recently. The other night, you were at the part where Harry is taking lessons from Professor Lupin to learn how to repel the dementors. When Professor Lupin asked Harry what his happiest memory was, he asked you the same question. […]

Love Your Boys, End the Violence

The movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado is only the most recent occasion of senseless violence to rock the United States. How many school shootings have there been since Columbine? And let’s not forget the DC sniper, and all of the other gun-related tragedies happening every day in communities across the country that don’t make […]

Young Kids at Grown-Up Movies – A Conversation Inspired by the Tragic Dark Knight Shooting

I’m going to say this up front: the only person to blame for the horrific Dark Knight shooting in Aurora, Colorado is the shooter. This post is not about the shooting itself. It’s about the broader issue of taking young children to movies intended for an adult audience late at night. My heart breaks for every […]

What Would the Preschool Teacher Do?

This post was previously published elsewhere, when TJ was in preschool. I think it is still appropriate to share with you now. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but most of us have our own parenting styles that seem to work best with our families. Some of us are strict and […]

Dear Kid Saturday – Feeling Like a Real Mom

Dear TJ, It’s taken me over a year to remember to write one of these letters to you, and for that, I am sorry. There are so many times I’ve told myself that you did something that I really should document in a letter for when you get older, but by the time I got […]

How Google’s Augmented Reality Glasses Could Improve Dora the Explorer

If the price point was right, Google could make a killing marketing their Augmented Reality Glasses to parents of preschoolers. Consider Dora the Explorer. She may be teaching your kids some basic Spanish, but you sort of want to stick an ice pick in your ear after hearing Map and Backpack sing their songs for […]

What to Pack for Day Camp

This will be TJ’s first year at day camp for a full day program. Our town’s summer day camp program looks pretty phenomenal, and it’s exciting for both TJ and us as parents. They’ve given us a list of things he should bring with him each day, and in case your local day camp isn’t […]

How to Survive Chuck E Cheese’s over School Vacation

If you’ve ever visited Chuck E. Cheese’s during school vacation, you know what an absolute madhouse it is. Tom took the day off yesterday so we could take TJ there. He’d earned a special trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s by earning enough points with his chore chart. We survived the trip, and so can you. […]

When to Stare at Your Child

TJ and I have an after-school routine when he gets off the bus, and it was slightly thrown off today because Tom is home sick from work. I didn’t get my hug and kiss when TJ came through the door. So instead of pointing out that he hadn’t done so and asking for him to come over […]