Babies in Boxes – Spend Tons on Toys, They Still Play with the Box!

TJ loves boxes.  I don’t know what he’s pretending when he’s doing it, but he loves to climb into boxes of all sizes.  We buy the big boxes of Pampers Baby-Dry Diapers – the ones with 90-100 – and he loves to climb in and out of them once he’s pulled all the diapers out.  […]

Calling the Poison Control Center

I’d like to thank the friendly voice at my local Poison Control Center for helping me and my son.  It turned out not to be an emergency, but I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t called.  The number to reach my local Poison Control Center – and yours (in the US) – is 1-800-222-1222.  Keep that […]

Happy year and a half, big guy!

I can’t believe you’re 18 months old. That’s one and a half years! You’re stubborn to a fault.  I suppose that’s partially my fault, genetically.  I think your terrible twos are starting early.  You went almost a whole week without eating any meat, just because you didn’t feel like it.  Of course, this was the […]

Happy Valentine’s Day, mommies and babies!

Just wanted to wish all mommies and babies (and daddies and everyone else!) a Happy Valentine’s Day!  Be sure to tell the Cutest Baby Ever, “I love you,” today.  And be sure to tell everyone else you love, as well.  We never say it enough. Tags: love, Valentine's Day

Looking to lose weight? The Mommy Diet can help!

Being a mom is busy work. Who knew it could help your weight loss plan? Check out a typical day’s meal plan on the Mommy Diet: 8:00 AM – Three Cheerios, partially digested by the saliva on the tiny hand that shoved them into your mouth as you tried to feed Cutest Baby Ever his […]

Picky Kids and Vegetables

TJ’s been getting pickier and pickier about what he’ll eat at any given meal.  He’ll turn up his nose (and flip over his bowl) at anything that isn’t macaroni and cheese for four days straight, and then on the fifth day, he won’t touch the stuff.  He gets his fruits in most every day, but […]

Happy 17 Months, Pooks!

You’re Mr. Independent now. You don’t want to eat anything unless you can feed it to yourself, and even then, you like playing with your food more than eating it most of the time. It’s very frustrating. You also like to scoop your food off of your high chair tray into the seat with you, […]

Mealtime Tantrums: What the Fork?

Not to long ago, I wrote about how wonderful it was that my son was such a wonderful eater, how he wasn’t picky at all. How quickly things changed. TJ had recently decided that he didn’t want to eat most of the foods we tried to serve him for dinner.  As a matter of fact, […]

Cheap Infant and Toddler Halloween Costumes

I know it seems silly to be thinking about Halloween costumes just after Christmas and New Year’s Day, but I came across this online shop in the midst of my work and didn’t want to forget about it before next Halloween! United Mask and Party has a number of costume for infant and toddler boys […]

Baby’s first ear infection

My family has just survived TJ’s first ear infection.  On one hand, we were lucky, as his first birthday came and went without having had one beforehand.  On the other hand, his first ear infection was in both ears, making for double the trouble. TJ loves sticking his fingers in his ears, nose, and mouth, […]