Neuropsychology Appointment a Bit of a Letdown

So I’d been waiting essentially a whole year to see a neuropsychologist. The one my primary doc originally referred me to last November had actually just left her job to work in the private sector. It took several months before the office got back to me with the neuropsychologist who thought could best help me. […]

On Autistic Pride Day, I Propose Actually Autistic Day

June 18 is Autistic Pride Day, a confusing moniker during Pride Month for a day apparently not created for autistic people who are LGBTQ+ but for autistic people in general to celebrate pride in their neurodivergence. As both an autistic woman and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I was surprised to learn about the […]

Ruminations and Memory

It’s been just over a year since I switched from Effexor XR to Cymbalta for my anxiety and depression. To my memory, I had been taking Effexor for nine years at the time of the switch, which went smoothly because both prescription medications are from the same class of drugs, SNRIs. The decision was made […]

My Complex Medical Problems Too Big for smAlbany

I had my followup appointment with my new primary care doctor on Wednesday, and we went over all of my assorted test results. The usual tests were all fine, which was weird. Some of the specialized tests I requested were abnormal, and Dr. Bennett confessed that she doesn’t know how to interpret them. Her recommendation […]

Essential Oils for Anxiety from a Former Skeptic

When it comes to mental illness, I carry a diagnosis of major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and PTSD. I have a Master’s degree in psychology, and I believe strongly in talk therapy and medication, as appropriate, for mental health treatment. A year ago, could I have imagined a time when I’d be recommending essential […]

Winning the Primary Care Lottery

I spent over two hours at my new primary care doctor’s office today, and I couldn’t be happier! Well, maybe a little, but that wasn’t their fault. My previous primary care doctor retired in June. I’d thought I had my replacement set up, but it didn’t work out. The insurance company’s website lied when it […]

Comparative Pain Scale – Free Printable

During a recent Facebook conversation about the trouble with pain level reporting, someone inevitably shared my favorite comparative pain scale as an image. It’s the most descriptive chart for explaining what, specifically, what pain levels 0-10 mean in the most objective sense possible. Since pain is a rather subjective experience – I have a low […]

Developing an Online Course for a Predictable Income Stream

Theresa Ceniccola is here for the session Teaching Pays: How to Create a Predictable Income Stream by Developing an Online Course. Why Teach an Online Course? You are smart! Creates an additional revenue stream Positions you as a thought leader in your space Provides an opportunity to monetize speaking engagements Makes the world a better […]

You’re Either Autistic or You’re Not

No, everyone is not “a little autistic.” My brain literally processes input differently than yours does. All input. Verbal, sensory, emotional, social….everything. You may understand some of the symptoms I experience that are related to my autism, but you can never understand what it’s like to have an autistic brain. And that’s okay, because I’ll […]

Traveling While Disabled: Invisible Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination comes in many forms, including the backward sort of discrimination which involves assorted community gatekeepers deciding you’re not disabled enough to receive appropriate accommodations. I read this piece about travelers who are more severely mobility impaired than I am who have had to fight with airlines for replacement of their damaged mobility devices and […]