Awkward Questions – Are Balls Part of the Body?

Last night as I was putting TJ to bed, he says to me very innocently, “I have a question, Mommy. Are balls part of the body?”

I asked him if someone had said that they were, but he didn’t give me a straight answer. It had to come from somewhere, though, so I suspect kids on the bus. Here’s the answer I came up with.

Yellow tennis balls out of black container

While not technically part of the body, “balls” is a somewhat rude term some boys use to describe their private parts. You know those things that hang down underneath your penis? That’s what they mean by balls. It’s not really an appropriate term for a second grader, though, so I don’t want to hear you using it that way.

That was good enough for him.

Elementary school comes with so many fun questions, doesn’t it?

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  1. Just curious…what term would you say is appropriate for a 2nd grader? Testicles? No kid, or even adult, is going to call them that. They’re balls. They look like balls. Ever heard a kid say, “Ow, I got kicked in my testicles!” Nope.

    • It hasn’t come up until now, but he does use the generic term “privates” or just “penis” when he has a problem in that area. The appropriateness issue was more a matter of not wanting him to say it all the time in conversation, the way I’m sure boys do because they think it’s funny. I’m sure he will say it when he’s with his friends, if they’re saying it, but I’m trying to raise a gentleman, so hopefully he’ll remember not to you it in polite conversation. 🙂

  2. Ashley Wood says

    Ahhh, the fun of raising boys!! 🙂 That’s a tough one. I would just prefer they know it is not appropriate to talk about their private parts, bodily functions, etc in front of just about anyone. However, I’m realistic, and I know they do it. I just make sure to call them on it when they do it around me, and I expect their father to do the same.

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