A letter to my fellow diners

Dear table full of old people,

Grumpy old manIf you choose to eat at a restaurant which provides not only kids menus and high chairs but also infant seat holders, that means that the restaurant is accommodating – if not encouraging – parents with young children to eat there as well. Children do occasionally make noises. My nearly-six-month old son and the nearly-two-year-old girl my mom babysits were both quiet and well-behaved throughout our meal. Neither of them threw any food on the floor. When Abby threw her crayons on the floor (which were provided by the restaurant) my dad picked them up and took them away so she could not throw them again. She sat in her high chair the whole time. I do not appreciate the dirty looks when my son was crying because he didn’t want to be in his car seat when I was carrying him out of the restaurant. I did not let him scream throughout the meal. We were leaving. The woman at the table next to you let her cell phone ring louder and for a longer period of time than my son’s cries. If you want complete silence during your lunch, I suggest you choose a location that does not cater to families with children. Save your disdain for parents of unruly kids.

One of the good moms

Christina Gleason (975 Posts)

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