6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Slightly Broken Women

This year, I decided to break my 2016 holiday gift guide into two parts: kids and adults. The adults are going first, because sometimes mama’s gotta take care of herself. Here are some gift ideas for my fellow slightly broken women to give each other or to give as hints to those who will be buying for us. The gifts on Etsy are simply me as a woman supporting other women, while I’m backing up the rest of my gift ideas with affiliate links that will provide a small financial benefit for me if you buy through me. (Thanks if you do!)


Spanx: They Do a Body Good

We all know that looks aren’t everything, but sometimes looking good helps us feel good about ourselves. I got to talk to the woman who manages the Spanx affiliate program when I was in Orlando, and she completely sold me on two products Spanx offers. She even gave me a pair of one of them so I could see how awesome they are for myself. At the moment, I can’t find a link to the boot socks she was telling me about, but I’ll keep looking and report back if/when they become available again. For now, the leggings:

SPANX Faux Leather Black Leggings - Black - Size: M

SPANX Faux Leather Black Leggings The model who wears these on the Spanx site is 5’10 and wears a size small, so obviously the leggings are going to look awesome on her. I’m 5’6″ and I got a size medium for myself, and they make me feel amazing when I wear them. I have body image issues when it comes to my backside, but I LOVE the way it looks with these on. And since I have loads of physical issues to deal with, it can be difficult to find comfortable pants to wear. I’m happy to report that these leggings are wearable for an entire day. I only wear them with tunic-length tops, but I COULD wear them with shorter tops because they really do suck everything in well. They work like compression stockings for my legs, too, as I have a touch of edema. They’re easier to pull on than other slimming leggings I own. I’ve gotten compliments from pretty much everyone who’s seen me in them, not just my mom and my husband, but new friends we spend movie night with once a month. These leggings are great for my self-esteem! The biggest downside I’ve found is that they aren’t thick enough to protect me from the cold winds of winter in the Great Northeast, so I’ll have to opt for lined leggings when the temperature plunges.

My Book: One of the Autcasts

It would be remiss for me not to plug my own book here somewhere, One of the Autcasts. I still haven’t finished the revisions for the paperback, so it’s only available via eBook as of Winter 2016. The good news about that? If you buy the eBook, you end up getting the revisions for free when I upload the changes! And I’m thinking of adding chapters. Who should read it? Anyone who wants some perspective about women with Asperger’s Syndrome. Yes, we’re all different in our needs, but we also share commonalities. Good gift for young women who will be turning 18 and losing the supports available to people with disabilities during the school years, newly diagnosed adult women, or people who love a woman with Asperger’s and want to know more about what might be happening in her head. But don’t take my word for it. I just found out I have a page on GoodReads!

Escapism Through Comic Books

$.50 Independent Publishers Grab Bag Comic

$.50 Independent Publishers Grab Bag Comic – $0.50 | This is the best way to buy lots of comics at a really low price! We have a massive inventory of back issue comics, but not enough time to catalog and put them all up online. So we’re marking them way down and offering them to you as a mystery grab bag. All you have to do is choose how many comics you want! Each comic is only $.50 and you can order as many as you like. Plus we guarantee that there will be no duplicates on orders of 20 grab bag comics or less. Please be aware that you may receive some duplicates when ordering more than 20 grab bag comics. When ordering $.50 Grab Bag comics we cannot take requests for specific titles or series. Besides, half the fun is the mystery of what you’re going to get! These comics are warehouse finds, and may have minor dings, scratches, etc. Sorry, no returns on grab bag items. These comics are in good shape but they are not intended to be in “mint” or collectible condition.

Artwork by Pauline Campos

Whether you want to give art as a gift or send artistic cards to those you care about this holiday season, I would like to recommend buying from indie artists like Pauline Campos. Her Etsy shop offers 10 different items as I write this, ranging from post cards like this design to greeting cards to art prints.

Art Print Postcard by Pauline Campos

I don’t receive any compensation from the sale of her products other than a feeling of good will. In the field that says “Add an optional note to the seller,” please tell her:

I support independent women. I found your shop on WELLinTHIShouse.com’s gift guide.

Poetry: The Ferris Wheel Kiss

Not every poem in this collection is my particular cup of tea, but if you know anyone who appreciates free form poetry written from the heart that is full of pain, might I suggest a signed copy of The Ferris Wheel Kiss by Alina Hensley?

The Ferris Wheel Kiss: Book of Visceral RelationshipsThere is also an eBook version available.

I don’t receive any compensation from the sale of her products other than a feeling of good will. In the field that says “Add an optional note to the seller,” please tell her:

I support independent women. I found your shop on WELLinTHIShouse.com’s gift guide.

My Girl: Harley Quinn

And what slightly broken woman doesn’t love Harley Quinn, my favorite Batman villain from Batman: The Animated Series and Suicide Squad? She’s fairly popular on my Facebook feed. You know what else is popular among women in my Facebook feed? Wine. So my last amazing gift idea for you is presented with further ado… the Harley Quinn Bottle Opener.

Batman The Animated Series Harley Quinn Figure Bottle Opener – A Diamond Select Toys release! If she can bust the Joker out of Arkham Asylum, then she can open your bottle! Based on her appearance in Batman: The Animated Series, this sculpted metal bottle opener of Harley Quinn holding her oversized hammer can remove any bottle cap faster than you can say ‘puddin”! A must-have for any Harley Quinn fan, or giant mallet enthusiast! Measuring approximately 5 inches long, it comes packaged in a full-color collector slipcase.

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  1. Love the Harley Quinn opener! My friends are all crazy over her haha i should give this a try

  2. interesting suggestions for sure! the artwork by Pauline looks pretty funky. Thanks for sharing.

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