Would You Enjoy a Mrs. Fields Cookie Basket for Mother’s Day?

I’ve just been enjoying my monthly reviews for the Shari’s Berries family so much this year. Last month, it was a Sock Monkey Easter Basket for TJ. This month, it’s a basket of Mrs. Fields cookies and brownies from Shari’s Berries! And my family does love cookies.

Ordering from the Shari’s Berries Website

For my review, I was given a gift card code and asked to shop from the Mother’s Day gift baskets at Shari’s Berries. This was the first time I exercised my freedom to order from a different page than the holiday special for these brands, because although the Mrs. Fields basket with the cookies and the muffins looked good, I wanted to order something with cookies and brownies. So after about 20 minutes of browsing my options, I found the Mrs. Fields Birthday Basket. Tom’s birthday was on April 4, so I scheduled the delivery easily on the site for April 3.

Because I’d previously ordered from Shari’s Berries, they had all of my shipping information with my login, so this was easy. They have a whole page of Shari’s Berries Coupon Codes to show you what the current discounts and promotions are that they are running. If I hadn’t been using their special gift code to order, this would have been my first stop!

When My Cookie Basket Arrived

It took everything within me not to open the basket and start eating cookies, but these were meant to be a present for my husband. So I refrained. This is what the basket looks like on the website:

Mrs. Fields Birthday Basket

And this is what it looks like when it’s shipped, and wrapped in obligatory plastic packaging for safety and freshness:

Mrs Fields Cookie Basket

All in all, while it doesn’t look as pretty as it does on the website, that doesn’t detract from the taste at ALL. Tom and I ripped into the white hand-frosted cookies first. They were amazing. A little bit cinnamony. with perfectly sweet frosting. It’s a shame there were only four, and these are the things I would miss most if ordering one of the Mother’s Day baskets that comes with the mini muffins instead. (Pro tip: you can order the birthday basket for someone else, have it shipped to you, and take the birthday ribbon off before you deliver the gift yourself for a non-birthday occasion!) The basket is really nice, and I need to figure out what I’m going to use it for, because I’m definitely keeping it.

The hardest part of the review was deciding which cookies to eat, because they were all different flavors! I can say that I didn’t find a cookie I didn’t like, and neither did Tom. Since I am counting my calories, though, it was a little disappointing to know that one package of six cookies counted as two servings. (Who eats half a package? No one! Unless you’re sharing, I suppose.) A whole package of cookies weighs in at roughly 320 calories, and the brownies aren’t far off, so these are things to keep in mind if you want to give a cookie basket to a mom who is trying to watch what she eats. (Offer to share! It’s the right thing to do!)

P.S. If you’re looking for Mother’s Day gifts that include at least one of those frosted sugar cookies, you can find them in the Mrs. Fields Mother’s Day Bite Box and the Mrs. Fields MOM Flower Box.  No basket with either of those, but the cookies are worth it!

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