3 Big Excuses for Not Producing Video Content – Type-A East 2016

We’re here at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for the 2016 Type-A Parent Conference East, and the first session I’m attending is a video/livestreaming intensive session – 3 Big Excuses for Not Producing Video Content (and how to  overcome them) – with Valerie Deneen and Daphne F. Leblanc. My reason for choosing this session is to learn how to be better with video before I launch my video course for employers who hire neurodivergent employees. My liveblogging coverage will likely reflect that goal, as there’s no way to cover everything we learn in this room in a simple blog post.

Video Excuses & Livestreaming

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Creating Video Content

“Mom, never lose an opportunity to be fabulous!” – Valerie’s daughter

The Three Big Excuses

  • Camera Shyness
  • Short on Time
  • Low on Budget

Camera Shy?

  • tabletop demo videos (no faces on camera!)
  • desktop screen casting
  • animations
  • photo slideshow
  • pre-recorded intro & outro
  • record 3 versions and pick the best one
  • produce content in batches
  • focus on sound quality (people will suffer through poor video quality, but not poor audio)
  • practice! toastmasters, etc.
  • make it fun!

Short on Time?

  • record, edit, and upload on the go on your phone
  • schedule a regular time
  • outsource editing
  • hire a camera person
  • intro & outro – reuse footage

Short on Money?

  • Equipment: smartphone + tripod
  • Quality Sound: record voice overs  in your closet because of the acoustics of the clothes all around
  • Lighting: foam board backdrop, outdoors in a shady spot works well, use natural light when possible, or invest in a fill light kit when ready

Now What?

  • blog posts (have an assistant transcribe your video!)
  • podcasts (extract the audio from your video!)
  • pins
  • photos for Instagram
  • series for email subscribers
  • video courses
  • Vines/FB updates

Livestreaming to Grow Your Blog & Business

Where to Hang Out

  • Facebook Live
  • Periscope
  • Huzza (blab.im replacement)
  • YouTube Live

Lighting Options

  • softbox lighting kit
  • diva lighting kit
  • LED lighting kit

Audio Options

  • lavalier microphone
  • blue microphone
  • earbuds

Background Options

  • outdoors
  • tapestries
  • bookshelf
  • soda
  • flowers
  • plain wall
  • use camera settings to focus on you while blurring the background


  • webcam
  • tripod stand/desk stand
  • pile of books to put everything on and hide your pajama pants


  • OBS – free
  • Wirecast – starting at $495
  • Camtasia – starting at $199

Facebook Live

  • Business page
  • Personal page (can’t be boosted)
  • Facebook groups

Editing Facebook Live

  • Add descriptions to your Live Video
  • Add a call to action
  • Boost your post
  • Consider transcriptions services
  • (download your FB Live video, upload to YouTube and check your settings to get them to transcribe it for you)

YouTube Live

  • Creator Studio
  • Live Stream


  • have a schedule
  • stick to it
  • have a call to action at the end
  • find a community (I love the PeriGirls)


  • Huzza.io
  • Similar to Blab.im


  • embed videos to blog posts
  • upload directly to YouTube
  • upload directly Twitter (<15 minutes)
  • transcribe into a blog posts
  • create quotables to make images
  • create an opt-in
  • video series

Video Workflow

  • Why am I on this?
  • Where? Do I have a larger audience on Facebook (FB Live) or Twitter (Periscope)?
  • How often? Shouldn’t be the same as your blogging schedule.

Where Do You Begin?

  • tell people who you are
  • what you do
  • where you work
  • welcome replays
  • tell them what you’re going to tell them
  • then tell them
  • close with a call to action

Simple Reminders

  • don’t use unlicensed music
  • don’t video people without permission, particularly other people’s children
  • no rambling
  • just do it; start where you are at
  • practice, practice, practice
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