Tyrrells Chips are Jolly Good – A Review

I was given the opportunity to try out Tyrrells English Chips this summer, and I was a bit shocked when the package arrived. I’d been expecting tiny single-serving bags as samples. Instead, I had a full-sized bag of every flavor chip Tyrrells offers. (Thanks, Tyrrells!)

Tyrrells Chips

Our Favorite Flavors of Tyrrells Chips

Each family member seemed to have a different favorite flavor. TJ liked the simple flavor of the Lightly Sea Salted chips, followed by the Mature Cheddar and Chives. I really enjoyed the Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar chips, although the vinegar was a tad subtler than what I generally prefer. (I’d suggest them as a gateway salt & vinegar chip for the non-initiated.) Tom was obsessed with the Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper variety, and I left him that bag all to himself. I don’t believe that pepper has any right to be on a potato chip. I also left the Sweet Chili and Red Pepper to Tom. That was about all our immediate family could handle, so we brought the rest of the chips down to my mom’s house one Sunday for our big family cookout. We left the Worcestershire Sauce and Sundried Tomato chips and the Veg Chips for my sister-in-law Meghan and my niece Avery, which they both quite enjoyed.

All of the chips were quite crispy, what you’d expect from buying American kettle chips. As the Tyrrells website says, “We cook our proper English chips by hand in small batches here on our farm in Herefordshire. And we always leave the jackets on. Well it’s only polite.”

Smart Packaging

As a copywriter, I really appreciated the keen English wit on the product packaging. I’d love to write packaging copy for a company like Tyrrells. For example, here’s a snippet from the back of the Mature Cheddar and Chives bag:

Life the Tyrrells Way

Steamed broccoli, herbal tea, sit-ups: nothing terribly wrong with any of them (in moderation). But there is such a thing as taking it too far, you know.

Which is why we came up with our very own lifestyle guide. It’s a simple list of things to keep your spirits up. Well, it works for us!

  • A boiled sweet or two

  • A round of buttered toast

  • A jumbo gherkin

  • A go on the swings

  • A handful of proper English chips

Isn’t that clever? I appreciated it. I like the way they describe the goodness of their chips, too.

Naturally Delicious and Gluten Free!

Rumor has it that some of our peers in the chip world have been attempting to ‘jazz up’ their wares with things like MSG and something known as ‘disodium guanylate’. Barbarians! We take a dim view of such antics and would like to reassure you that all our ingredients are completely and utterly natural with no silly nonsense whatsoever. Oh, and they’re gluten-free to boot!

I wish more companies would have such fun with their product packaging. There’s no need to stick to boring old bullet points when you can give consumers a good chuckle instead.

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