Top 12 of 2012 in THIS House

To look back at 2012, I decided to “check the records” and see what was important enough for me to blog about. According to WordPress, I published 126 posts this year. Holy cannoli! Here are the 12 I’d like to remember:

2012 Time Machine: the Year in Review

  1. New Year’s Resolution: Healthier Me, Healthier Family. Nothing like a failed New Year’s Resolution to remind you how the year started off. Sadly, my exercise plan was still too ambitious for me, and my body has deteriorated a bit over the last 12 months. I’ve gained weight and lost some of my mobility. (Wait for tomorrow’s post, though. I’ve got a new plan!)
  2. Inspirational Story about Marriage that was Actually Horrifying. I wrote this as a throw-away post, but it’s turned out to be one of my most popular items of the year. Everyone read that stupid story on Facebook and then Googled it…and many of them found my post here. It’s one of those inexplicable things that takes off when you thought it was just pointless ramblings.
  3. Help: My Son is Too Innocent and Wants Friends Too Badly. I’d forgotten about this first grade incident. Still not going to share the details in order to protect TJ’s privacy, but it was a wake-up call to me that we have to work hard with him to make sure he doesn’t give in to peer pressure when he knows what his “friends” tell him to do is wrong.
  4. Easy COOL WHIP Chocolate Pudding Pie. This was my most searched for recipe of the year. The most amusing part was how much traffic it got on the day before Thanksgiving, on Christmas Eve, and on the holidays themselves! Nothing like waiting until the last minute for your holiday baking, folks!
  5. Why Get an Adult Asperger’s Diagnosis? I went for it and got myself a proper Asperger Syndrome diagnosis. I think it’s been so important for figuring out who I am and why I do the things I do. But knowing why I act a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean I can change it, and for that, I apologize to the friends and family who have to deal with my more unpleasant quirks.
  6. An Open Letter to Public Pot Smokers. After what I think was my last Dave Matthews Band concert ever, I wrote this post to all of the people who care so little about how their bad habits affect the people around them. Smoke makes me physically ill.
  7. Return of Stolen Property Restores Faith in Humanity. TJ got back his Nintendo DS that one of the EcoMaids employees had stolen while cleaning our house. I am still angry that it was taken in the first place, but I’m relieved that the video plea TJ made for its return was successful.
  8. Love Your Boys, End the Violence. After the horrific movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, I made a plea to all parents to make sure their sons know love. We have to instill a sense of decency and humanity in our boys so they don’t grow up to do terrible things. Sadly, the Newtown school shooting in December only underlined the importance of this… we are failing our boys in this country.
  9. How an Aspie Survives the Blog Conference Circuit. I wrote a survival guide for autistic bloggers who attend blog conferences. People have suggested it’s also helpful for introverts, people with anxiety and depression, and perhaps all bloggers in general.
  10. We’re Going to See How to Train Your Dragon LIVE + Discount Codes. We got to do something really special as a family that we couldn’t have otherwise afforded… because I’m a blogger. I am so grateful and so blessed to be a part of this amazing blogging community that provides opportunities like this that create happy memories for my family.
  11. That’s How You Know: Happy 12th Anniversary! We celebrated 12 wonderful years of marriage in October. Still going strong!
  12. Drive Safe. Be Safe. No More Tragedies This Season. My community was devastated when two local high school students were killed in a terrible accident on the Northway at the beginning of December. The other two passengers in their car were seriously injured, and quite honestly, it’s a miracle that they are alive. The other driver walked away with minor injuries. The kids had not been speeding or doing anything wrong… just in the wrong place at the wrong time, like so many other car crash victims. PLEASE don’t drive while under the influence of any substances – legal or not – and don’t text while driving. For that matter, don’t do your makeup while you’re driving, and don’t reach for anything that falls on the floor. If you have to do something that will take your eyes off the road, PULL OVER. The life you save could be yours.
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