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Bolaji Oyejide grew up in Nigeria but got a scholarship to go to Morehouse College but knew nothing about the school before he got there. (No women! Except when the ladies from Spelman College got to come over.) He wanted to keep the college experience going after graduation. He started ACUalumni as a social network that predated The Facebook – back in 1998. SixDegrees, Friendster, Hi5 are all gone, and MySpace is a joke now. How do you be more like Facebook than all of the social networks that have disappeared or become irrelevant.

The Eiffel Tower was never supposed to be a permanent structure. It was built for the World Fair over a century ago. But Eiffel spent five months building the foundation before even starting construction of the tower above ground. But you have to build a strong foundation if you’re going to create something that lasts.


Bolaji is telling us about No Man’s Land, and we’re watching “recently discovered footage of Kelby” – a clip from Wonder Woman where none of the soldiers would try to leave their trench because of the German machine guns. Wonder Woman got up to face the enemy fire, but even she couldn’t cross No Man’s Land without help.

Imagine the audacity of a man like Walt Disney when he built his fantasy land empire.

What is your big audacious goal? Who are you going to get to help you cross No Man’s Land and accomplish this goal?

Read The One Thing by Gary Keller. (<– Psst, I stuck my Amazon affiliate link in there.)

Stop building all of those Bridges to Nowhere. Pick one and finish it.

What’s THE ONE THING I can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary? What do you want your legacy to be?

What is your NO MAN’S LAND?

What’s your WHY?

Let’s cross No Man’s Land together.

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