The Crops to Plant for Knocking Out Your Tillers Reputation (World of Warcraft)

I currently have eight World of Warcraft characters that I care about. You’d think that I would remember the order of the crops that need to be grown for the Tillers reputation quest progression by #7, but I don’t. I have to look it up on El’s Extreme Anglin’ Tillers Farming (edited to remove the link due to malware) page every time. The problem is that I know the rest of it, and I just have to keep scrolling down for the crops.

What Crops Do I Need to Grow for the Tillers Rep Grind?

  1. One (1) Scallions seed at 0/12,000 Honored
  2. Two (2) Juicycrunch Carrots seeds at 5,500/12,000 Honored
  3. Three (3) Green Cabbage seeds at 4,000/21,000 Revered
  4. Three (3) Witchberry seeds at 8,500/21,000 Revered
  5. Four (4) Striped Melon seeds at 16,800/21,000 Revered

Klikkit Bangsnap Explains Tillers Reputation Farming

What I do is plant my carrots and my cabbages on the same day that I get the carrot quest from Mung-Mung. I pick the carrots to complete the quest right after they’ve grown the next day, but don’t harvest the green cabbages until you get the green cabbage quest from Farmer Fung. You can easily plant 3 more green cabbage seeds to complete the quest, and then either dig them up to make room for more crops or wait until the following day to harvest them.

Then I plant my witchberry seeds and my striped melon seeds at the same time. I can’t always complete both of those quests on the same day, but I’d rather grow extra melons than have to wait an extra day to complete the quest if I do get it that day. It works the same way as the green cabbages…don’t harvest your vegetables until you get the quest to harvest them.

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