That’s How You Know: Happy 12th Anniversary!

How do you know he loves you? This is how I know:

Anniversary Kiss

  • He literally tells me how much he loves me every single day. Multiple times a day.
  • He takes very good care of me. When he vowed to love me “in sickness and in health,” he meant it, even though he had no idea what it would entail at the time when I later developed such issues with anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).
  • He accepts my apologies when the irrational part of my mental illness takes over and I treat him in a snippy manner when it’s totally not his fault. He doesn’t hold a grudge over this.
  • He cooks dinner almost every night, and you can tell the meals are prepared with love. (And he’s a really good cook!)
  • He willingly slept on the couch once a week (for years!) so I could get one decent night of sleep until we discovered that Breathe Right strips stifled his snoring.
  • He’s a wonderful father, so proud of the life we created together.
  • We finish each other’s sentences and often burst into song at the same time.
  • Sometimes, he drives home from work just because he wants to hug me in the middle of the day. Or bring me lunch to make me smile.
  • He’ll run out to the kitchen to make me an amaretto sour when I’ve had a really bad day or my back really hurts… or Nutella hot chocolate when I’m cold.
  • He treats me like a princess. Both in that “Head Over Feet” kind of way and the Enchanted kind of way…

I love you so much, Tom, my wonderful husband! Another half a year and we’ll be halfway to our 25th anniversary. 😉

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That’s me: Christina Gleason. I’m a professional copywriter, editor, and blogger. My company is called Phenomenal Content. (Hire me!) I’m a relatively high-functioning Aspie who also lives with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. I am not ashamed to admit that I am in the care of a psychiatrist, who assures me that people in therapy are often better adjusted than “normal” people who are not, because at least we know what our issues are and are working on them. I’m a geek for grammar, fantasy, and select types of gaming, including World of Warcraft and Plants vs Zombies 2. I hate vegetables. I have an intense phone phobia, so I’ll happily conduct business over email or IM instead. I have started writing no fewer than five novels, and I hope to finish one of them...eventually.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I appreciate my “Good Apple” as well. It is so important in a partnership to recognize the wonderful joys we bring to one another. I am sure his list is just as long. Thanks for e reminder to tell my guy that I am thankful for all of the wonderful things he brings to our relationship. Cheers (and yum on the Amaretto Sour!)

  2. This is so sweet! Happy anniversary guys!!!

  3. I just read my comment again and cracked up. I made it sound like MY husband’s list would be long for ME! Ha! I meant YOUR husband’s list for you of course. 🙂

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