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I had a completely different post on tap for today about bad customer service, but a friend of mine contacted me and asked me for help because she knows I’m passionate about ending bullying in our kids’ schools. It seems that every school district has a “no tolerance” policy when it comes to bullying, but do they enforce it? The words are on paper, but what do the adults at the school do when bullying occurs?

Meggie_High_Side_Kick_1Sadly, too many school officials seem to turn a blind eye or otherwise react poorly when bullying occurs. Kids can be bullied for weeks or months without their attackers facing any serious consequences unless the parents of the victims go after the school. And sometimes that doesn’t even work. (Do you know what steps to take when your child is being bullied?)

Here is a Facebook post (unedited) from a mother of a child who could have been killed by a bully with a black belt in karate. Please read to the end for information about how to contact Emmett Belknap Intermediate School and tell them they need to deal harshly with this bully and change their policy about returning to the school when bullying takes place on the bus.

I am writing to express concern about a bullying issue we are having an I feel nothing is being done to really help the situation. I like that the schools are saying that they don’t tolerate any bullying, I feel that they should back that up with some action. My youngest son has been bullyed on and off since the beginning of this school year several different children, but one imparticular hasn’t stopped an has become violent. Yesterday I was waiting for my two youngest children to come home from the bus stop, instead I get a text from my daughter telling me to come quick, Jimmy is hurt bad. She sent me an address around the corner from us, I rushed over. As I pull up there is already a volunteer fireman there heading into the house. I rushed in my son was laying on the couching crying and gasping and choking. Paramedics arrive as well as the police. It was crazy trying to concentrate on trying to find out what happened, and give information to the police an paramedics. My son was taken to Children’s Hospital, because they were concerned with possible injuries. But he is okay, he is still shaken up and upset. But my concern what could have happened. I talked with the school they of course are investigating, and I have talked with the bus garage. Apparently what happend is this kid was calling my son names and he asked please leave me alone, which set this kid off he got in my sons face next thing he knows he is on the ground an the kid is kicking an jumping on his chest and stomach. Kids tried to to pull him off of my son, others were screaming for him to stop your gonna kill him. The bus driver according to the kids never stopped the bus, he yelled at them an called the garage which in turn called the school, he was told to return to the school for the principals to deal with the situation, then was called back an told to go ahead an drop the kids off as normal because the principal was in a meeting. Now by this time he had already passed my childrens stop, if it had not been for a parent at a different stop forcing the bus to stop an let her child off, I hate to think what could have happened to my son. My daughter and her friend grabbed my son an got him off the bus and took him to her house. But I was shocked to find proceedure is to take the kids back to the schools, what if my son did have internal injuries, what would have happened. The driver never stopped and checked on him, I thank the lord that my daughter and her friend got him off the bus. I think that this needs to change in a major way. I understand that right now the police are looking into this I am thankful for this. BUT why wasn’t this child removed, my son is not the only victim of this young man, he bullies other children, yet no one seems to do anything about it. I think it’s time to stop talking an start doing something to stop this. What happens if he does this again to my son or someone elses child, is he going to kill them? Is that when something will be done? Please I don’t know what to do, I understand the police are working on this, but again why didn’t the school do something before now. And are they actually going to fix this??? I would like you all to share this it is time we make the schools responsible make them take action against the bullies. Please feel free to contact Emmett Belknap an ask them what they are doing or plan on doing to remedy this Bully Epidemic. Principal is Mr. Gary Wilson, Main Office is (716) 478-4551, or go to 

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