Taming the Tummy? It Works Body Wrap Review and Giveaway

I met Christine Yattaw of Wrap and Get Healthy at a local networking event for women in business, and she introduced me to the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator wrap. It’s an all-natural body contouring wrap to firm and tone your cellulite-prone areas. I’d never heard of it before, but she told me about it as she pitched her business, and as I pitched mine back, I suggested a review/giveaway to help spread the word. We got in touch after the event, and she agreed to sponsor a review and giveaway on my blog here. So here’s my experience with the body wrap she gave me!

How Did the It Works Body Wrap Work?

Since I’m not the most coordinated person in the world, I enlisted the help of my husband Tom in getting wrapped. He helped me take before and after measurements and photos. The following is my “liveblog” version of doing the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator wrap.

Beginning measurements at 9:15 pm on Tuesday, pre-wrap:

  • 30.5 inches waist (around the small part)
  • 37.5 inches hips (just below the belly button)

The instructions provided for applying the wrap can be summed up like this:

  • Start with clean, dry skin.
  • Take the wrap out of its package.
  • It puts the lotion side against its skin. (Sorry, that phrasing occurred to me as Tom wrapped me!)
  • Use plastic wrap to hold everything in place. Spanx can also be helpful.
  • Leave on for at least 45 minutes, drinking at least 8 oz of water.
  • Take off the wrap, discard it, and rub the rest of the lotion into your skin.

There is a “how to” video on YouTube that shows you exactly how to do the wrap. I didn’t do the whole permanent marker thing because we just used the smallest part of my waist and the biggest part at the hip line.

The wrap smells pretty amazing. All of the herbal ingredients are quite yummy to behold. It’s also very cold going on. Very tingly once it’s on there.

Post-wrap measurements at 11:15 pm on Tuesday:

  •  31 inches waist (around the small part)
  • 37.5 inches hips (just below the belly button)

Body Wrap Before and After

Okay, so it didn’t have the incredible immediate results that some people see. Maybe it’s all the water I guzzled. But there is a visible difference in the distribution of my belly. It doesn’t hang over the band of my pajama pants as much, and the slope from the smallest part of my waist to the biggest part of my belly is more gradual. So the numbers may not have gone down, but there’s still something to see. I will continue taking my measurements for the next 72 hours, since it’s supposed to keep working for that long.

[time passes]

And then there was the confound: you aren’t supposed to do the wrap during or just before your period. Because, you know, bloating. Surprise! It showed up the day after I wrapped, and it’s still going on strong. Despite that, however, I was determined to see whether or not I had an actual loss in inches. So I measured myself again this morning, even though I’m still waiting out my cycle.

Measurements at 9:30 am on Tuesday, July 3:

  • 30 inches waist (around the small part)
  • 37 inches hips (just below the belly button)

The waist measurement was almost 29.75, but it was still closer to 30, so I rounded up.

There was a tiny loss. But considering it took me from early March until the end of June to lose 3 inches along with the 21 pounds I lost in that time, half an inch in a week – while bleeding – is still pretty significant. And there’s been a noticeable change in the texture of the skin on my belly, too. A little bit smoother, especially around the stretch marks. The results are supposed to last for 3-6 months, so I’ll see what I can do about sneaking in another set of measurements once I stop retaining water.

I may have also confounded my results by taking Epsom salt baths. The science on the baths is questionable, since the only studies were funded by the salt companies, but Epsom salt baths supposedly work by removing toxins from the body. (By osmosis or something? I don’t know. The whole “toxins” thing isn’t necessarily scientifically proven anyways.) I may have gone into my body wrap having already soaked away some of the toxins the wrap would have flushed out, minimizing my possible results. People who don’t spend 3.5 to 5 hours a week neck deep in the bathtub might have the more dramatic results other people have experienced.

So yeah, no dramatic results that completely astounded me, but it didn’t not work either. (Sorry for the double negative.)

More About the It Works Body Wrap

The wrap itself can be used on various parts of the body; you just need a pair of scissors to cut it if you want to, say, put half on one thigh and half on the other. I’d considered trying it on my thighs, but I thought I’d see more dramatic results on my belly with all that loose skin that hasn’t gone away in the 8 years since giving birth. Little did I know that my unpredictable hormones had other ideas. (Thanks, Mirena!)

The information packet I was given says that it may take 3-4 applications to achieve the best results, and that eating a sensible, healthy diet is important so as not to reintroduce the toxins the wrap is trying to get rid of. (Oops, pizza.) Diet and exercise, of course, will maximize results. I look at it as a complementary treatment for your exterior while you work on your interior. (My words, not theirs.)

The It Works wrap does not claim to help you lose weight, it helps you lose inches. It is a body sculpting product. The packet I was given says, “The Applicator should not be compared to or confused with diuretic products that temporarily cause water weight reduction. The Applicator converts ‘fat cells’ to energy.” I can’t judge the science in that statement, but I wanted to put it out there for others to draw their own conclusions about how it works.

Enter to Win an It Works Ultimate Body Applicator

Use the Rafflecopter app below for your chance to win one of the same body wraps I tried out!

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