Shari’s Berries Sent Me Two Dozen Delicious Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I was practically giddy when someone from Shari’s Berries contacted me after reading my review policy. In case you don’t know, Shari’s Berries is a  leading purveyor of chocolate covered strawberries. Strawberries are my favorite fruit, followed by pineapple. Add chocolate, and I’m in heaven. But most chocolate covered strawberries I’ve eaten in my life, while tasty, have proven very difficult to eat. After you take the first bite, the chocolate coating cracks and starts falling off of the berry. And then there’s the pesky green leaves to deal with and discard.

I’m happy to say that I did not experience either of those problem with my order from Shari’s Berries.

Ordering from the Shari’s Berries Website

For my review, I was given a gift card code and asked to shop from the Shari’s Berries Valentine’s Day Gifts page. I was originally going to get this package, where some of the berries were also covered in sprinkles, but I ended up going for the slightly less expensive two dozen berries package when I realized how much tax and shipping were going to run me over the amount of the gift card I’d been given. I didn’t really need sprinkles anyways.

This is where I had a small hiccup in the ordering process. There was no easy way to delete the original item from my cart and add the new one while still retaining the gift card information. I ended up closing my browser window and just starting over from scratch when I was unable to figure out how to do what I wanted to do. It was a little frustrating, but in actuality, it only added about 5 minutes to the ordering process once I’d changed my mind about which item to purchase.

They have a whole page of Shari’s Berries Coupon Codes as well. This will show you what the current discounts and promotions are that they are running. If I hadn’t been using their special gift code to order, this would have been my first stop!

When My Chocolate Covered Strawberries Arrived

I’d selected a delivery date when I knew I would be home to hear the UPS guy ring my doorbell. As always, my UPS guy waved as he got back on the truck to thank me for opening the door to let him see I’d retrieved my perishable delivery without anyone stealing the package.

This was my favorite shipping box ever. Here is the PERISHABLE notice.

Perishable: Once opened, contents may disappear immediately. Shari's Berries.

Is that not fantastic? But even better is the instructions for opening the box. Thankfully, I was home alone when the package arrived, so I didn’t have to hide behind a large piece of furniture…

Instructions: Close and lock door. Hide behind large piece of furniture. Quietly open box. Savor and enjoy.

The real instructions, of course, involved keeping my chocolate covered strawberries in a cool place and eating them within 48 hours. Since our rear wall is essentially all glass – a door to the backyard and 3 window panels of the same size – I decided that I could keep my berries by the windows in our freezing cold dining room instead of trying to shove them in the refrigerator. This worked fairly well.

Tasting My Chocolate Covered Strawberries

When you order two dozen chocolate covered strawberries from Shari’s Berries, what you actually get is two identical gift boxes that each contain a dozen berries. And they’re very pretty boxes.

Shari's Berries Gift Box

But no matter how pretty the box, the real beauty is what’s inside…

One Dozen Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I hadn’t eaten lunch yet when the berries got delivered, so I decided to eat eight berries for lunch.


They were fantastic. My chocolate covered strawberries were each dipped in either white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. Dark chocolate will always be my favorite. The berries were so fresh, sweet, and juicy. The best part was that the chocolate was not too hard. The chocolate shell did not crack and fall off when I took a bite out of the berries. I’m not sure how they temper or otherwise make their chocolate, but bravo to Shari’s Berries for making chocolate covered strawberries that don’t fall apart and make a mess! And with the strawberries already hulled, you don’t have to worry about the leaves and stems. (I was even able to pop some of the smaller berries into my mouth whole!)

TJ refused to eat any because he’s decided he doesn’t like strawberries. That was fine…more for me! I did have Tom try them and help me finish the second box, since I was running out of my 48 hours. Since he’s a fan of white chocolate, I thought those would be his favorite. But no, he liked the dark chocolate the best. My favorite dark chocolate. But I offered him all of the remaining white chocolate strawberries, and I was selfish and kept the dark chocolate strawberries for myself. These were our bedtime snack that night, and it felt very indulgent to be lounging in bed eating chocolate covered strawberries.

The two day “expiration date” is a good guideline, too. The berries were definitely getting juicier in that “one step away from getting mushy” kind of way. So they were still good on day two, but they were better on day one. So if you decide to go big and buy someone you love two dozen strawberries, make sure there are enough people to share with so they don’t get mushy. If you don’t think they’ll be eaten that quickly, I’d recommend sticking with a dozen or a half dozen.

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  1. Natalie says:

    What time did they arrive? And do u keep them I’m the fridge? And did they arrive cold?!

    • Mine came before noon, and it was winter. They arrived cold (with cold packs in Styrofoam) and I kept them by the glass doors in our dining room, where the cold air kept that part of the room quite chilly.

  2. Unfortunately the snow storm in NC has all my berry orders sitting in a fed ex hub with no delivery date. $100 wasted this time.

    • Me too, and I’ve been sitting on hold for 15 minutes with Shari’s Berries, with a “MAYBE” from Fedex they’ll show up on Monday (not edible i can’t imagine). I am hopping i can at least get my shipping refunded.

  3. I just received my second order from Shari’s Berries. The first order arrived 4 days after Valentine’s Day (which my husband paid extra for them to arrive). They ended up refunding the shipping cost and sent out a second box. I just received my second box and it arrived warm and the chocolate melted. I am so disappointed. =(

  4. thanks, that’s helped me make my purchasing decision and go with shari’s

  5. sherry gray says:

    I have been sending these to my mother-in-law on every holiday for years. She loves them. First thing this morning, I ordered a dozen strawberries and 10 chocolate cherries (her favorite). She’s been crazy about everything I’ve sent so far.

    I should send some to myself…

  6. Berries arrived and presented them to my wife one day early (not on Valentine Day) as I chose. Berries were very nice in size and tasted great and were well presented. She loves strawberries and these really pleased her. I would purchase them again.

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