Roleplaying in World of Warcraft as a Creative Writing Outlet: Meet Carisse Dawnfire

I make no secret about the fact that I’m a gamer geek who loves to play World of Warcraft. It’s an outlet for many things, including a place to go when coping with my depression, anxiety, or the mental and physical symptoms of a CFS flareup. But it’s also great for my creativity as a writer; my favorite fiction genre is fantasy, and that’s what World of Warcraft is. There’s an aspect of gameplay in World of Warcraft that has very little to do with the game’s mechanics and everything to do with the world-building the creators have done. Roleplaying is completely optional, but there are entire servers (called “realms”) that specialize in roleplay, and players on these servers can really get into their characters.

I’d like you to meet my main character, Carisse Dawnfire.

Carisse Dawnfire in the Jade Forest

Carisse (kuh-REESE) is a Blood Elf mage. Back before the Catacylsm, and back before the Third War, she was Magistrix Carisse Dawnstar of Silvermoon City. But after the attack on the Sunwell that robbed her of her father and her sister, Carisse didn’t have the heart for politics anymore, and she took to traveling for a few years. Though she had a knack for it, the mercenary life was not for her. But that was how she met Elynxdria k’Shinar, known to friends as “Lynx,” and the two had remained friends even after leaving the merc company.

The decision to wander the newly discovered continent of Pandaria was an easy one for Carisse. Garrosh Hellscream was spilling the blood of his people like water, as if dead fighters were of no more consequence than insects squashed under foot. Maybe that was the military way of thinking, but he had burned through enlisted soldiers long ago and was now forcibly conscripting any member of the Horde he could get his hands on. Lor’themar Theron saw Garrosh for what he was, and setting up his own campaign in Pandaria while under the guise of working with the bloodthristy Warchief was a brilliant stroke. Carisse had been able to help Lor’themar’s cause while exploring on her own and learning all she could about this “new world.” These Pandaren were fascinating, with such a rich history. She was learning all she could, now, and thought she might be able to make her new home here.

Maybe. Mage gifted as she was, she could easily keep apartments in many cities in different parts of the world, choosing where to spend her time differently on a daily basis. But had she been moving around too much? Silvermoon had been her home for over a century. Could she really stay away? Her estranged mother was still there, true, but so were the graves of her father and her sister.

This was not the time to decide. This was the time for discovery.

World of Warcraft and its universe belong to Blizzard Entertainment. They are very supportive of fan-created works, and as a fan, I am grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in their world. Carisse (me) and Lynx (Tom) play on the US-Emerald Dream server. Our guild is called Sapere Aude. If you are interested in starting a new World of Warcraft account, please leave a comment on this post, and I will send you a Recruit-a-Friend code for the free starter version of WoW.

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