Rocking Periscope with Amiyrah Martin

Though Amiyrah Martin tried to get me to play around with Periscope a few weeks ago, I told her I was waiting for this session so I knew how to do it the right way! So I’m here to learn how to ROCK PERISCOPE and share some tips with you.

Rocking Periscope with Amiyrah Martin

Amiyrah’s Periscope channel was started in late June. She’s gone from zero to 400+ followers with over 100 scopes. She was in a Kohl’s ad because they found her on Periscope.


  • Periscope is not a requirement.
  • Periscope is not the new Messiah.
  • Periscope is fun, but it’s not for everyone
  • Periscope is not just for marketers and entrepreneurs

Bloggers can take over this platform by learning from the marketers.


  • What Periscope is and isn’t
  • Why Internet Marketers are rocking the platform (and how you can too)
  • How to monetize easily

Crunch the Numbers

  • 15 million users
  • But only 2 million broadcasters
  • 300 million people on Twitter who can eventually find their way to Periscope

About Periscope

Periscope launched on March 27, 2015. They are babies right now. Android users are currently very frustrated. Do we want to grow with this baby or not? Other video streaming apps are not growing at the same rate.

Why are Internet Marketers rocking it?

Marketers were early adopters. They knew they could make money from it. They made content challenges for themselves and created a lot of content in a short amount of time. They found their tribe. They found other businesses and jumped on their scopes and made connections.

We can do the same thing, working together. We already have our tribes. Get together and do a two-week Periscope challenge.

Periscope Growth Secrets

  • Educate, entertain, and engage: Do at least two out of three of these things. Not only when you’re scoping, but when you’re watching other people’s scopes! Engage on those scopes! (But don’t steal the scoper’s discussion.) DO NOT FORGET THE ENGAGING.
  • You don’t have to be on the screen. You can doodle or make crafts and never show your face. But it is a SOCIAL media platform. You have to talk to people and have a conversation. Be yourself, but don’t worry about being perfect. It’s live. Things happen.
  • Tap or talk. If you’re watching a scope, tap the screen to give them hearts if you have nothing to say in a comment. (Hearts are like points that don’t matter; they’re like reddit karma. It makes the scoper feel valued.) If you’re watching a replay, give hearts.

Periscope Etiquette

  • Blanket sharing on Twitter
  • Boost share (aka “Share with your followers”) because people will get notified live if they’re online or will go into their queue if they’re offline now when they log on later.
  • GYHTWT – GIRL, you HAVE to watch THIS! (aka “Invite individual followers”)


  • Periscope Tribes (things like #LatinaScopes, #FrugalScopes, #PeriGirls) – use a hashtag relative to your niche along with Periscope in a Twitter search, like searching for #aspergers #periscope on Twitter; or be yourself and look for tribes outside your niche but just about you!
  • Special Hashtags
  • Syndication Bombs

If you have a troll in your scope, DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THEM. Click their name immediately and block them.

You don’t have to contrive everything. Talk about what you want to talk about.

What Can I Scope About?

You are all content creators. You can reuse your content! What are your top 10 posts? Talk about those posts on Periscope! Show them the URL on camera. People don’t care if it’s been on your blog for three years because they’ve never seen it.

Amiyrah blocks out a 30-minute period every weekday at 10:30 am, but you can scope for just 5 minutes or 10 minutes. People generally watch in 10 minute blocks, so if you do longer scopes, you can encourage latecomers to watch the  replay.

Can We Talk About Money?

Monetization on Periscope is new, so you can make the rules and tell brands how YOU want to get paid for your content. You can tell them what kind of results you get from your personal scoping, you can include that in your packages when working with brands. Amiyrah sold a four-figure package to a brand by adding Periscope into the mix.

Passive income is awesome. Move your eBook above the fold on your website so when people like your scopes and visit your site, they’ll see it and buy it. Or move your email subscription link up to increase your mailing list. If you sell a product, have it above the fold. Your scopers will seek out your site to learn more about you, and you never have to even sell on your scope!

Important Points

  • Don’t get held up on the technical aspects. The learning curve is short.
  • We are storytellers. This is another place to tell yours.
  • Need to find your squad? Use niche hashtags to search. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Challenges: Scope during the conference with hashtag #TypeAScopers

The secret to growth is being a good wingman.

Take simple steps to monetize LIKE A BAWSE.

Do or do not. There is no try.

Do or do not there is no try

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