Rabbids Rumble For the Nintendo 3DS

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Rabbids Rumble for Nintendo 3DS

Rabbids Rumble for the Nintendo 3DS was the last game we got to review as part of the UbiChamps program this holiday season. Since this and the other games will be making its way to TJ as Christmas presents, my husband Tom had to sneak them to work to try them out when he was on break for our little test drive. (I got a bit of an extension on the deadline because of this.) Tom is a seasoned gamer, having played countless games since the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) came out when we were kids. I asked him to test out these UbiSoft games both for himself and for their appropriateness as gifts for TJ, who is 7 years old. Here’s what he had to say:

I had to turn the 3D off on this game, as it was hurting my head and my eyes.  None of the other 3DS games I’ve tried have I had to do that.  It feels like, in just the first few levels I’ve tried, that it will get very repetitive very quickly.  This is usually why I’ve tried to avoid games like this, built on just a few mini-games repeated over and over.  The “fighting” mini game seems like an oversimplified version of Pokemon. The other mini-games just seemed like different variations of whack-a-mole.  Perhaps I just haven’t gotten far enough; however, I did not enjoy it.  The sound was repetitive, and the music was not memorable. TJ might get a kick out of this game because the humor seems like it’s there… but it is not a game for me.

Rabbids Rumble Promo Screenshot

So not the most glowing review from my husband. But, as I reminded him, Rabbids Rumble wasn’t really a game he was trying out for his own personal enjoyment, but for that of our son. In that respect, he thinks that TJ would enjoy it quite a bit, in the way that 7 year old boys often are amused by things that irritate their parents. (I believe I wrote similar things about a Kidz Bop CD I reviewed that I don’t like, but TJ loves!)

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