Pwning Pinterest with Kimber Matherne and Kim Vij #TypeACon 2015

So you think you are pinnable? We’re talking about how to win at Pinterest with Kimber Matherne and Kim Vij. I’ve just been told I look really tired and asked what was wrong, so I think I’m off my game. Let’s try to keep up, because the talking is fast!

Pwning Pinterest with Kimber Matherne and Kim Vij

Growing your influence on Pinterest

  • What to Pin
  • How Often to Pin
  • When to Pin
  • Where to Pin

It Starts and Ends with Your Content

  • Teach a skill. If you can turn a project into a skill, that can make a difference.
  • Why is it different?
  • Are you telling them?
  • Be a better resource.

Images must be beautiful and compelling.

  • Beauty Shot
  • Long Pin
  • Resource
  • Story Board (like the step by step recipe pins you see)

Long pins get 70% more repins than short pins and garner 54% more clicks than short pins. Long pins with text overlays perform the best.

If I make a resource pin or story board pin, why will people bother clicking through? They need the details. You can give them 90% of the information in the pin, and they’ll click through for that last 10%.

SEO…For Days

  • URL
  • Post Title
  • Image Name
  • Alt Text
  • Image Recognition

Use your keywords in all these things for Pinterest to pull your info from the posts you link to on your blog.

Broad Pinning with Niche Boards

  • Look at your general topics and see how you can pin them down to specifics
  • In SEO terms, this is what we referred to as the long-tail

Store Front Window

  • What is your target niche area?
  • Does your reader know that? How?

Make sure your Pinterest profile is like a store front window so they can see what you stand for.

Board Construction

  • Board Titles
  • Board Descriptions
  • Categorize Your Board

Consistent content with keywords and images optimized for search. Go back and make sure all of your boards are categorized, especially for some of the oldest boards you created.

Winning at Pinning

Do you have a strategy?

Use the Golden Rule of 80/20. Use other people’s content to build your boards, so 80% of your boards can be other people’s pins. You can also use group boards to increase the reach of your personal pins.

There is correlation between the daily pinning volume and the rte of follower growth. The top 20% fastest growing accounts with 10k followers are pinning nearly 3 times more often than average.

It’s Your Content – Take Ownership!

  • Top 20
  • Next 30
  • Bottom 50

By looking at your Google Analytics, sorted by Pinterest traffic you can find your top 100 posts. She pins her top 20 posts about three times a week to various group boards. Her next 30 posts once a week, and bottom 50 a few times a month.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Schedulers Can Help!

  • Tailwind (great analytics, can set an interval for pinning frequency, officially partnered with Pinterest)
  • Viral Tag
  • Ahalogy

Google Analytics

  • Find posts getting the most traffic from Pinterest
  • Find pins sending the most traffic from Pinterest (Acquisition > Social > Network Referral)

Pinterest Business Account Analytics

  • Your Profile
  • Your Audience
  • Your Site’s Activity
    • impressions
    • clicks
    • likes
    • repins
    • all time
    • device used
    • demographics
    • competitors

Whose Content Are You Pinning?

  • Analyze your followers.
  • Stay on topic with consistent, fresh pins
  • Not just your pins

My Pinterest feed has changes and I can’t find the content I’m searching for! Pinterest users are changing how they search. Have you? Where does your content fall in interests? Make sure you use all your keywords! Like if you’re pinning recipes, don’t forget to use the word recipe in your pin.

Pinterest Smart Feed

If you’re seeing a stream that isn’t really your thing, click to remove the stuff you don’t want to see.

4 Zones of Pins

  1. To the right is the board it was pinned to
  2. Below is the site that it came from
  3. Below the pin is boards
  4. Related pins are below that

Pinterest uses image recognition to determine the content of your pins!

5 Key Takeaways

  • Recreate successes.
  • Experiment and see what clicks.
  • Clean out things that don’t do well.
  • Think more about SEO.
  • Keep on pinning.

Between the two speakers, “20 pins a day” is the low-end.

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  1. I loved this session. It was packed full of so much good info that I could hardly catch it all. You took amazing notes. I wish mine looked like that! I am trying to do my homework from the session and I can’t figure out how to find the “Top 5 Brands on Pinterest in my niche”. Do you know how to do that?

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