Sponsored Post Policy

Well, in THIS House – formerly known as Cutest Kid Ever – does accept sponsored post opportunities from brands whose products and services that are useful for me and my family. (And we all know that “mom bloggers” are a coveted demographic.  But don’t call us mommy bloggers, as most of us find the term demeaning.) My husband and I are both 30-something years old, and our son is 9 years old, as of August 2014. There are no babies and no little girls in our house.

We like food. We like dining out, so gift cards work, too. We like toys and movies. We like electronics and computer software. We’re trying to get healthier. We could really use a vacation. I do like playing dress-up. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I also have what my son has… TJ has Asperger’s Syndrome. Anything that could make our lives better or easier with these things in mind would be beneficial. We are on a budget, so experience opportunities are very welcome, too.

The important stuff, in bullet points – keep reading for more details:

  • Reviews are published in exchange for the product being reviewed. All other sponsored content starts at $50.
  • Any links included in reviews and sponsored content will use the nofollow tag in accordance with Google’s webmaster guidelines.
  • All reviews and sponsored content will include proper disclosure in accordance with FTC guidelines.
  • Sample products will not be returned.
  • My email address is at the end of this page.

Why would you want to sponsor a post on Well, in THIS House?

I own a successful online copywriting company, Phenomenal Content LLC, so I know my way around writing a good review. I’m good. I’m honest. I’m thorough. And even when something doesn’t go over very well, I try to  find something positive to say or a way to frame it to let people know why a product may not have been a good fit for my family, but it may fit better with others. If I have nothing positive to say, I’ll let you know that, too.

I promote my reviews to my Twitter followers  as well as my blog subscribers. I always disclose when I have been received compensation for my reviews, so we’re in accordance with FTC guidelines. I also abide by Google’s rules for sponsored reviews by adding the nofollow tag to my links, so you don’t need to worry about getting a search engine penalty for “paid links.” You can check out my previous reviews if you’d like. My sponsored posts tend to rank highly on Google SERPs, and I continue to send traffic to brands I’ve worked with even two years later.

I do not get thousands of visitors each day, which apparently makes this a “small blog.” But studies have shown that small blogs show more ROI than big blogs in marketing campaigns.

Reviews and Sponsored Post Pricing

I am a professional copywriter, editor, and blogger. My reviews and giveaways are handled in a very professional manner, and my time is billable. Your marketing department should find my rates competitive.

  • I do not charge for reviews as a general rule unless there are specific requirements for the post. If you want editorial control, it is not a review. In that case, it becomes an advertorial, and must be paid as such.
  • $50 to include a giveaway for my readers. Though my billable hourly rate is $100, and giveaway maintenance often requires more than an hour of my time, this is a special rate.
  • $50 is the minimum cost of a sponsored post on this blog. The more you require of me, the higher the rate may go.

If you are a small business owner, my rates are negotiable. I am a small business owner as well, and I am willing to help out my fellow businesswomen (and men) who have much smaller budgets. Please be sure to tell me why I should believe in your product if you wish to approach me about this – and don’t insult me by sending me a form letter.

If you are instead interested in having me create content for your company website, please visit Phenomenal Content for my copywriting and ghost blogging rates.

How to get your product reviewed on Well, in THIS House

Email me at twilightsun at gmail dot com with the subject line that includes the words: “GOT IT.” This lets me know you’ve read this page and agree to the policies outlined here.

DO NOT JUST SEND ME A PRESS RELEASE AND EXPECT ME TO POST ABOUT IT. Please give me a detailed description of the product or service you would like me to review. I do not do app reviews, but I would consider sponsored content related to an app. Let me know if you would also like me to run a giveaway – when the giveaway is over, I will provide you the contact information for the winner so you can ship the prize directly to them. Please provide a link to your website so I can find out more about your products. If I think your product would be a good fit, I’ll get in touch with you to let you know my mailing address so that you can provide a sample item or items for review and my PayPal address so you can remit payment. Sample items will not be returned; you are responsible for shipping and handling costs. I conduct all business via email, so please do not request a phone call. (Remember that anxiety thing I mentioned above? It extends to the phone.)

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