Pizza on Halloween Night – Our Tradition and a Schwan’s Pizza Review

Did you know that Halloween night is among the top five busiest nights for pizza delivery? I totally get that. (Maybe that’s why October is National Pizza Month?) Whether you’re taking your own kids out for trick-or-treating or staying in to greet trick-or-treaters at the door, pizza delivery is very convenient as a dinner option. We’ve traditionally had pizza on Halloween night in our home, although we don’t get it delivered. We live less than a mile away from three different family-owned pizzerias, which is amusing since we live in a suburban residential development, so we generally either pick it up ourselves or make one at home.

This year, Schwan’s asked us to give their pizzas a try. There are many varieties of Schwan’s pizza, but we were only allowed to pick two, so we went with the Pizzeria Style Ultimate Pepperoni and Pizzeria Style Six Cheese Pizza.

Schwan's Pizzeria Style Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza

Schwan’s Pizzeria Style Pizza Review

We decided to try the Ultimate Pepperoni pizza first. We would later view this as a mistake, but I’ll get to that in a moment. I’ve always been a “cheese pizza first” kind of girl, but I’d eat pepperoni if cheese wasn’t available. I may be a convert now. Without a bit of hyperbole, I can honestly say that this was the best pepperoni pizza I have ever tasted. They use three different kinds of pepperoni on this pizza and three different kinds of cheese. The website describes their sauce as zesty, but there was a sweetness to it that I really loved, too. TJ took the pepperoni off, even though we tried to convince him he’d like it, but he still really enjoyed the pizza. It’a laughable that it says the pizza “serves 8.” There were eight slices, and the three of us polished them off quite handily. (And we were sad when it was gone, although we probably would’ve made ourselves sick if there had been more!)

A few days later, we decided to try the Six Cheese pizza. (I think we could eat pizza every night of the week as long as they were different kinds of pizza.) It was also very good, but I think we would have been more impressed if we hadn’t already tried the Ultimate Pepperoni. Tom and I were wishing for the pepperoni, but TJ gave it “infinity and beyond stars,” which is his latest way to explain how much he enjoyed dinner. Two thumbs up apparently aren’t sufficient anymore. It was definitely quite good, better than most frozen pizzas we’ve had.

My biggest complaint about the pizzas was their size. Big pizza is usually a good thing when it comes to feeding a hungry family, but the boxes literally did not fit inside my side-by-side freezer. As I dragged the giant Styrofoam chest with the dry ice into my kitchen for the transfer, I had a few minutes of panic when I found that the pizza boxes were wider than the dimensions of my freezer. And the freezer was pretty full. If it had been empty, I could have fit a box diagonally, thus taking up an entire shelf for one pizza, but that wasn’t an option. What I ended up doing was removing both pizzas from their boxes and sliding the shrink-wrapped 13″ pizzas onto a shelf. It was still a tight squeeze, but they did fit. We cut out the baking instructions from the back of the box and stuck them to the fridge with a magnet.  If you have a freezer chest, this will obviously not be a problem, but if you have a side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, this may be a concern.  Of course, you can always order just one and eat it the same day it’s delivered…

At under $8.00 apiece, these Schwan’s Pizzeria Style frozen pizzas are a much better deal than getting pizza delivered from a national chain, and may be comparable to coupon deals run by your local family-owned pizzeria. (Their Special Recipe frozen pizzas are under $5.00 apiece, but we didn’t try those this time.) The price is also comparable with many national brand frozen pizzas you can get at the grocery store, like Freschetta and Digiorno. But even though I enjoy some varieties of Digiorno pizza, the Schwan’s Ultimate Pepperoni pizza beats any one of them, hands down.

So now that I’ve gushed about this pepperoni pizza, let me ask you… Does your family eat pizza on Halloween night? If so, do you order out or do you prepare it at home?

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