Pinterest: From Inspiration to Driving Traffic – TypeACon 2012

Here we are in the session Pinterest – From Inspiration to Driving Traffic with Type-A Parent Conference organizer Kelby Carr, author of Pinterest For Dummies and Pinterest Marketing For Dummies.

Kelby’s first slide actually identifies this session is Pinterest for Fun and Profit. Her personal Pinterest account. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, for the newbies.

Pinterest - From Inspiration to Driving Traffic

Pinterest for Fun

  • Addictive pleasure
  • Great place to be inspired
  • Pretty
  • Fun and silly
  • Entertainment and diversion
  • Pursue interests and personal hobbies

Pinterest for Profit

  • Drive traffic
  • Humanize your business or brand
  • Drive sales
  • Encourage buzz
  • Get to know your readers, customers, and clients
  • Make plans, coordinate projects, and generate ideas

No one sighs and says, “I should really spend five more minutes on Pinterest and I really don’t want to.” It’s not a chore even when we’re doing business activities. For years, nothing could touch Twitter and Facebook as far as referrals for Kelby, but Pinterest just shot up so fast. It really was a game changer, and that doesn’t happen a lot.

Why Pinterest?

  • Pinterest is seeing huge traffic growth
  • People spend time on Pinterest
  • Pinterest is a place for discovery
  • Pinterest can drive mad traffic
  • Pinterest can drive sales

Tip: Find pins from your site at

Pinterest Toolbox

  • Pinterest Mobile (
  • Pin It Button for Browser
  • Pin It Button for Websites
  • Pinterest Plugins

Kelby seems to love Pinterest mobile, but maybe that’s the difference between her having an iPhone and me having a Droid. I don’t like pinning on my phone.

Pinterest Etiquette

  • Follow, engage, and interact.
  • Don’t be too self-promotional. Don’t be that guy.
  • Pin responsibly.
  • Don’t violate copyright laws.
  • Don’t pin someone’s home page – pin specific posts.

If you don’t click “Follow all” for someone’s boards, you won’t be counted in their followers, even if you follow all of their boards except for one. This isn’t helpful for the person you’re following, but it also doesn’t help you, because you won’t be listed in their follower list, so people won’t be able to follow you that way.

Don’t go on a pinning spree. Don’t pin in chunks and take over everyone else’s pin stream. Spread those pins out, or people may unfollow you for taking over their screens.

If you are uploading a picture directly to Pinterest, it should be a photo that you have taken yourself. Don’t upload someone else’s image so people can’t follow the link back to the original source. Not cool.

Finding People to Follow

  • Import friends and contacts
  • Follow your followers
  • See top pinner lists
  • Follow via pins
  • Follow friends of friends

Be Pin-Worthy

  • Use a great image
  • Use an optimized image (size matters)
  • Have great content with the image when people click
  • Be easy to pin
  • Remind people to pin

Tip: Protect your images with watermarking that includes your URL. This will help people find you if people pin you improperly.

Tracking Results

  • Monitor Pinterest referrals
  • Drill down to see which pins (and pinners) drove traffic
  • Compare Pinterest to other sources
  • Compare Pinterest visitor behavior to other sources

P.S. I’m not following enough people on Pinterest. If you follow WELLinTHIShouse on Pinterest, I’ll check you out, too!

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