Party Time with #UBP14 – And I’m One of the Prize Sponsors!

It’s that time of year again, and the ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom are hosting the Ultimate Blog Party. So I get to take some time out to introduce myself and my blog for readers both new and old!

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

And new for me this year, I decided to sponsor one of the prizes at #UBP14! I’m offering two bottles of Nicole Miller Age-Defying Serum, a $74 value. Here’s a screenshot of what my prize listing looks like and a picture of the product, though the picture isn’t part of the listing:

UBP14 Prize Listing

So go and check out the rest of the UBP prizes and enter to win some!

Who Am I? What is WELL, in THIS House About?

I’m Christina. I have a lot going on. I have an online copywriting business (hire me!), the best husband in the world (Tom), the cutest kid ever (TJ), and a host of mental and physical issues that make my life more…interesting.

Family Photo

I’m quite the introvert in person, but online, I have a tendency toward sharing TMI. I can’t help but be authentic, and if sharing my struggles helps even one other person, then that’s a good thing. I share stories about being a woman with Asperger’s Syndrome, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, and some other mysterious, yet-undiagnosed issues. These are my special needs. TJ also has special needs as an 8 year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome – but I hope that’s the only complication he’s inherited from me. Tom is a good man, a great husband and father, and the only neurotypical member of our household.

This blog used to focus on TJ and parenting, back in the day when it was called Cutest Kid Ever. But as TJ has grown, so have I, and I’ve started preparing for a time when TJ doesn’t want me to write about him all the time. Although maybe that day will never come, since he loves to be in the spotlight on here, and has started contributing his own stories. Now we’re more of a “lifestyle” blog. I shy away from directly calling it a special needs blog because that niche generally seems to focus on the special needs of kids and not the adults themselves. And let’s face it, I write about whatever I feel like writing about. That fills a need for me.

But What Does It MEAN?

When I decided to re-brand the blog, was not my first choice. But my first choice of domain names was taken. As were the second, third, etc. But I was trying variations on the same general idea, and that’s how I ended up with this. The idea is this. So many times, you get parenting “advice” about how you should do this, you shouldn’t do that, it’s supposed to be this way…

Well, in this house, we do things differently. (See what I did there?) We do what works for us. That’s all anyone can ever do.

Some folks think it’s a wellness blog. And in a way, it could be said that what I’m striving for is the best sense of wellness I can get for myself and my family. But that’s not really the meaning of well that I was going for.

Christina Gleason (972 Posts)

That’s me: Christina Gleason. I’m a professional copywriter, editor, and blogger. My company is called Phenomenal Content. (Hire me!) I’m a relatively high-functioning Aspie who also lives with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. I am not ashamed to admit that I am in the care of a psychiatrist, who assures me that people in therapy are often better adjusted than “normal” people who are not, because at least we know what our issues are and are working on them. I’m a geek for grammar, fantasy, and select types of gaming, including World of Warcraft and Empire: Four Kingdoms. I hate vegetables. I have an intense phone phobia, so I’ll happily conduct business over email or IM instead.


  1. Boy, do we have a lot of things in common!?! 😉 I am the mom of a 13 year old son with Asperger’s and I have Early-Onset Parkinson’s, Sensory Integration Disorder, BPPV, ADD, Dyslexia, & another physical neurological issue that is still not diagnosed… I am stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Party and also want to thank you for leading me here when you stopped and commented on my blog. I will definitely be following you, because we seem to blog about the same things…. life as we go through it with these differences we have been given. You have a beautiful family. Take care of you!

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